Essay on My Favorite Place to Visit

world’s diversity offers its population a wide variety of places and things to enjoy. While traveling, some people prefer the beauty of the nature – the fresh air and the greenery of the parks, the deep blue vivacity of the sea, the astonishing behavior of its inhabitants. Others enjoy various types of entertainment – sports, shows, nightlife, gaming, competitions and all other breathtaking activities the world can possibly offer to an inquisitive mind. The place I would enjoy most would be a careful balance of most things the world has to offer – and I have found such a place on Earth.

To me, Monaco is a small copy of the world (to the extent that the world can be narrowed to two square kilometers). The tiny country is able to offer both the beauties of the nature and the terrific entertainment for the body, mind and soul. Surrounded by the sea and the mountains, the principality can boast some really fascinating views. The part of enjoyment that goes with nature in Monaco is also reflected in the weather: it is warm and sunny most of the year, the winters are so mild that it is possible to keep an open air museum of cactuses in Monaco. Another great attraction for tourists and nature-lovers is the Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium, which allows its visitors to study, observe and enjoy the underwater life in its variety. The marine sciences are actively supported by the monarchy of Monaco, and the museum itself is a result of Prince Albert I passion for the sea, which is really mesmerizing in Monaco.

The pearl of the French Riviera is a popular recreational destination for high-income tourist from around the world. The yachts in the Hercules harbor, the cars near the Casino, the boutiques and the entertainment venues available in the principality of Monaco all serve as a proof to the fact that the place is favored by the wealthy. Just like in fairy tales, the tiny country has its own prince, the castle, the fortress, the guards and other attributes of the monarchy.

There are two other things that attract people with money to Monaco: the casino and the tax haven. The principality also boasts several impressive traditions of mass entertainment: for more than a half of a century the country actually hosts the grand prix of the Formula One races, the Monte Carlo rally, as well as other sport tournaments. The tiny country resides on the beautiful landscape which offers a pleasant bonus to the spectators of the competitions held in Monte Carlo. The food, the fun, the sightseeing and the entertainment venues like the Casino and the best nightclubs and restaurants on the French Riviera will satisfy the needs of the most sophisticated public.

If it is possible to shrink the best things the world can offer into the size of a couple of square kilometers – Monaco is the place. There are all kinds of recreations and entertainment that would meet the needs of the majority of travelers from different parts of the world. It is definitely my favorite place on Earth.

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