Essay: Obstacles of College Students

Obtaining higher education in most of the cases is a prerequisite for getting a good job and becoming successful in life at large. However, there are numerous obstacles that college students have to face before they get a diploma. While not of them may be identified before one enters a college, it is during the first year that all those obstacles come about for the first time and have to be dealt with. Among the most crucial challenges that college students face are financial difficulties, anxiety and fear and balancing one’s time. A college student who is capable of overcoming all those obstacles is going to succeed under any circumstances after that.

obstacles are usually the first to come about during one’s academic career. One of the hardest problems is finding enough money to pay tuition as well as get all the required textbooks and materials. Many college students decide to take college loans from the government or work part-time while studying. It is hard because part-time work usually does not provide all the funds needed to cover college costs. Therefore, many students have to be very careful with their budgeting and figure out different ways of how to manage their scarce monetary resources.

Anxiety and fear may be considered a significant obstacle, especially for the first couple of years in college. Compared to the high school, there is much more responsibility placed on college students. Many of them are so anxious about upcoming tests that they are becoming stressed out and cannot perform well during those tests, even when there is enough knowledge. Many students fear their final examinations and subconsciously try to avoid them by getting sick or trying to find some other excuse. It is apparent that such behavior will not result in any useful grades and just prolong one’s stay in college; however, for many students, it may become an unsolvable problem. The best thing to do in such a situation is to overcome one’s fear and anxiety and use all the resources available to perform well on the test.

Another obstacle on the way to college diploma is managing one’s time. Time management is one of the features that distinguishes college student from high school student: there is no way one can succeed in higher education without being a good manager of his/her own time. With regards to college life, time management encompasses decisions about the proportion of time spent on work to finance college and on studies to pass the exams successfully. Also, college students need to find some free time for various social activities within the school, because no one is capable of just studying all the time without any rest.

It is apparent that college students have to find solutions to many problems and to overcome numerous obstacles on their way to the diploma. Among the most important barriers that need to be faced are financial costs of going to college, anxiety, and fear, and managing one’s time. Once a student overcomes those obstacles, he/she is going to pursue a successful academic career and proceed further with one’s life.

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