Personal Mission Statement Essay

An effective mission statement should provide concise but elaborate reasons for the existence of an organization. In this regard, it should describe the overall intention and purpose of the entity and support the vision while directing all stakeholders’ actions. The mission statement is β€œto provide nursing students with the knowledge, critical thinking, evidence-based practice, and proficiency in nursing, so they are prepared to provide safe, quality, and compassionate care as they transition into the workforce. To provide exceptional nursing education, nursing students from around the globe can attain the skills necessary to provide complex patient care and prevent illness while maintaining health in patients of various backgrounds and cultures.”

In an increasingly diverse and interconnected world, there is a need to provide quality and culturally competent healthcare to all who need it. In response to this, the training and perception of healthcare workers should reflect this commitment. The challenge for healthcare delivery lies in the need to serve patients from radically diverse backgrounds. In response to this need, healthcare systems, providers, policymakers are obliged to create and ensure they deliver services that can be seen to be culturally competent. In line with this, healthcare services have to meet the clients’ cultural, social, and linguistic needs. Such services can help meet the required health outcomes and quality of care that all patients deserve but require time and effort from all care providers.

The mission statement selected is critical to the attainment of the health needs of diverse populations. Research shows that ethnic and racial minorities are inexplicably fraught with illnesses and frequently experience higher death and indisposition from chronic diseases (Reed, 2017). As a result, the training of healthcare providers should be trained to respond to their needs accordingly. Knowledge should be conscious of the cultural base of the clients and should emphasize shared values and traditions. On the same note, the people charged with the delivery of care should know the barriers to access that all clients experience. For example, some cultural beliefs and traditions might discourage people from seeking care, more so where they believe that they will not be made to feel comfortable during treatment. Subsequently, they might resort to unorthodox practices that do not enhance care delivery. In the same way, they might experience language barriers during consultation and treatment. So the workforce should be diverse enough and should consider engaging the services of translators where necessary. Thus, the mission statement acknowledges these challenges and seeks to eliminate them to ensure equitable access to all clients’ care.

The program that will be offered is unique in various ways and reflects a timely need to educate care delivery professionals. For example, the program will use a collaborative approach that focuses on harnessing different professionals’ intellectual abilities.

Equally, it will emphasize the use of technology in care delivery to enhance patient safety and commitment to quality care. The program will further train and retain minority staff and use community health workers’ services to strengthen service delivery. The culture will inculcate programs that target various ethnic and cultural backgrounds to ensure that not a single person is left out. In essence, the program takes a holistic approach to training and service delivery and demonstrates the continued delivery of care to an increasingly diverse population. Ultimately, the training will produce healthcare professionals who understand patients’ changing needs and who can respond positively to their needs.

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