Essay on Philosophy of Teaching

My personal philosophy of teaching is that people are teaching differently. There are even those who for anything in life will not be able to teach. As Seneca the Elder said: “Whom the gods would destroy, they would make a teacher.” Persian proverb says: “If heaven had heard the prayers of the children, there would be no living teacher in the world.” George Bernard Shaw put it this way: “He who can, does; who cannot, teaches others.” Peter Lawrence continued, but in a humorous way: “Who knows, makes; who cannot, teaches others; and who cannot teaches teachers.”

There enough categorical statements about teaching “Fools teach, smart people learn.” Humorously it sounds pretty funny: “Smart people love to learn, and fools – to teach. Thus, smart people are often forced to learn from fools.” Probably, these statements are not accidental – to say such things you have had to suffer a great deal from teachers. In all this, of course, there is truth; despite this, the teaching seems to me a noble occupation. I am eternally grateful to my teachers and convinced that it is important to be able to teach, because it helps people (although, judging by the above quotes, not all). It is interesting that Alexander the Great said: “I owe my father for he gave me life, and my teachers for they made my life worthy.”

We live in the information age and the information society, where the ability to find information and extract it is paramount. And yet, study, education, even in this era – is not the question of information. Any information needs structuring in the explanation and interpretation (especially when information flows are so powerful that people either drown in them, or even cease to perceive them). It is necessary to understand the information, and it can only be understood on the basis of ideas about a particular value it concludes. What are the patterns that the information reflects? Only experts can understand It. Accordingly, it is here that the role of the one who interprets the meanings and sees values increases. Without a teacher who will explain it all thanks to his knowledge of the laws, rules, laws, etc., the information will remain just a set of numbers, words, phrases, sentences, i.e., a data that whether cannot be understood, or it can but with high probability of misunderstanding.

Those who want to learn anything on their own, should remember the English proverb, which expresses a similar thought: He that teaches himself, has a fool for his master. It is an old adage, so it can hardly be expected to reflect such modern concepts as a self-made person, self-help techniques in all areas of life and is just a look at the teacher as a person who facilitates student his learning process.

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