Expectancy Value Theory Research Paper

Expectancy value theory is psychological models of the motivation to perform a certain behavior, the subjective expectation is to achieve a certain consistency with the behavior and explain the subjective or objective value of behavioral consistency. The theory has great importance in the behavioral economics and is based on the mathematical construct expected value.

Those college and university students who have chosen expectancy value theory to write their research papers on, have to know that the motivation to show a certain behavior, results from the product of the value of behavioral consequences (emotional or rational) and the subjective expectation to achieve the desired consistency with the behavior; formal: M = V × E. Motivational considered a high value can thus compensate little chance of success, or a low value is compensated by high chances of success.

Risk-choice model (1964) by John William Atkinson is an example of an E x W model in the power range.

Beginning in the 80s, the U.S. researchers Jacquelynne Eccles and Allan Wigfield have transferred and modified this approach in the educational field. In its Expectancy value theory, they posit that the motivation of students, their perseverance, and the choice of the tasks they approach are connected directly with their expectations of success (“expectation component,” “expectation of success”) and the subjective value, according to which they judge the task. To these components, there are various influences, for example the culture medium.

The term values ??(“value component,” “subjective task value”) is divided into the following components:

  • “Attainment value” (importance, identification with the subject and the school in general),
  • “Intrinsic value” (interest, enjoyment of the task),
  • “Utility value” (benefits for short-and long-term goals)
  • “Cost” (Opportunity cost).

According to empirical findings, the task value has the strongest direct influence on the choice of courses, while the success expectations directly affect performance.

Expectancy value theory is an important problem that need full attention from the student, because it has complex structure, which need a proper investigation. If the university and college students want to dwell on the problem and study the theory deeper, they can use the topic for their research paper. Their research paper has to have the list of the most important points required for the investigation of the issue and show the results as expected in the procedure. The methods used in the study Expectancy value theory should also be shown.

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