Essay on Positive Behavior Support

does human behavior influence the quality of her work? What should parents and teachers do to improve a child’s behavior? Positive behavior support is a system of methods that focuses on the support of the certain models of positive behavior for the improvement of an individual’s performance. This problem is quite noteworthy and requires additional attention whereas human behavior is one of the most visible indicators of her activity. When one wants to change one’s reaction towards an irritant, he should apply the specific psychological methods.

Positive behavior support is a weighty element of psychological investigations. In addition, it is one the key components of the successful bringing up. Unquestionably, parents have always wanted to bring up their children properly. There is hardly a mother who has not dreamt about a well-bred and polite son. For sure, the processes of bringing up and education are very difficult, inasmuch as a parent has to deal with a child’s character. Needless to say but human character is very stable and firm. It is very difficult to alter it with the help of any outer factors. Nearly every human being tries to resist any imposed model of behavior.

When one refuses behaving in a certain way, it is hard to persuade him acting in the way you want. If you want to improve your child’s behavior, you ought to be patient and inventive. Besides, this process consumes much time, as a child will resist your pressure. Your duty is to notice the cases of the positive behavior of your child and support them in the right manner. When a lazy boy makes his bed or washes dishes after dinner, you ought to encourage this behavior. When he sees that he is rewarded for these actions, he will continue washing dishes and cleaning his room.

Undoubtedly, this approach is effective in different situations, especially in education. Very few children enjoy studying. A smart parent will be able to persuade his child in the necessity of education. Without question, he will have to apply various methods and techniques in order to reach this goal. Reward is the most beneficial method of positive behavior support. When a child receives good marks, he should be provided with verbal and emotional reward. In some cases, it is reasonable to encourage him with the help of sweets and pocket money. In my opinion, the most practical reward is the access towards a computer. If one studies well, he is permitted to spend his free time playing video games.

The structure of positive behavior support is quite complicated. This process is based on numerous elements. Foremost, one should understand that it is impossible to control another person’s behavior.

Secondly, every problem has its cause and effect. When one behaves negatively, there are certain reasons of this behavior. To my mind, one should define the actual reason of the negative behavior before trying to change it. The next step is associated with the complete understanding of the total plan of actions aimed at the change of one’s model of behavior. When you want to achieve any positive results in positive behavior support, you ought to rely on the theoretical knowledge in the field of practical psychology. It is impossible to utilize random methods when you strive to improve one’s behavior. You are expected to read the right books and online articles that inform about the specific methods in the particular situations. The last element of the whole structure is the rejection of punishment. Parents and teachers should be consistent in their actions. When they support the positive behavior of their child, they must not punish the cases of the negative behavior strictly. The child should understand that he receives a reward for his good behavior.

When he behaves badly, he does not receive anything. This approach is brand new and liberal. No wonder, the supporters of the conservative methods of bringing up criticize it fervently.

Positive behavior support is characterized with the complex and systematic approach towards the improvement of one’s model of behavior. Experts say that the most advantageous element of the whole system is reward. It is easier to alter one’s behavior in specific situations when he is rewarded for his positive actions.

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