Essay: Understanding and Controlling Teenage Suicide

is one of the most complicated and challenging periods of human life. Teenagers are known to be emotional, active and sometimes rebellious. They want to find their place in this world; therefore, there are conflicts between parents and children. Adolescents do not understand their parents and vice versa.

Thus, we can speak about the so-called generation gap. Young people are rebellious inasmuch as they protest against the conservative norms of the current society. They are looking for something fresh and imposing. Many young people begin studying intensively being interested in the specific discipline. Others get involved into art, music or sports. In simple words, they want to find their strong and weak sides.

Unluckily, there are teenagers who demonstrate their protest against the surrounding world with the help of violence and deviant behavior. Finally, there are adolescents who decide to solve their problems with the help of self-harm.

The cases of teenage suicide have become more frequent recently. According to the latest statistics, more than five thousand teenagers commit suicide in the USA annually. The age of victims varies from 15 to 24 years. Furthermore, male adolescents seem to be more emotionally unstable and vulnerable towards self-harm. About 84% of all suicides are committed by young men. However, it is easy to explain this sad statistics. Male teenagers tend to be more violent and decisive; therefore, they choose the most ‘effective’ methods for suicide. Female adolescents are less successful and they just attempt to commit suicide. On the other hand, young women attempt suicide more often than male teenagers do. When you count the entire number of annual suicides committed in the USA, you will discover that about 11% of victims are teenagers.

Why do adolescents commit suicide? This question is very difficult forasmuch there are many answers to it. One can say that teenagers commit suicide because of their unfavorable financial background. In fact, the number of victims coming from wealthy families is higher. For that reason, money is not the argument.

The prominent psychologists say that there are at least ten factors that can explain the cause of self-harm among adolescents. The first factor is connected with genetics. If there are cases of suicide in a family, a young person can have the same inclination. Secondly, one can mention mental disorders and improper treatment. Then, it is substance abuse. Many young people attempt suicide under the influence of alcohol and drugs. One can also pay attention to cultural and religious beliefs whereas some cultures treat suicide as the best way out. Next, there is isolation and loneliness. Teenagers cannot discuss their problems with anyone and believe that they are useless and abandoned. The following factor is physical illness. Some adolescents cannot accept their condition and refuse being a burden for their families. Finally, there is loss. Teenagers are too emotional and treat stress and loss close to heart. For instance, a young man who loses a girlfriend or job can commit suicide whereas he does not see the meaning of life.

Fortunately, it is possible to control teenage suicide. Parents, teachers and friends should just be attentive to detect the so-called warning signs of suicide. The foremost sign is connected with the rapid and dramatic change of mood. Many teenagers who decide to attempt suicide behave anxiously. One day they suffer from depression. The other day they are joyful and agitated. Sometimes, the young person is angry and he cannot control his rage. In addition, he is involved into various risky activities that can help him ‘feel something’. Then, such adolescents speak about death and they dream about killing or hurting somebody.

Apparently, when one speaks about murdering someone, he is able to cause harm to himself. When you notice that the young person is looking for various firearms and other tools that can be used for killing someone, it is the brightest sign of suicide. An endangered teenager increases alcohol use and smoking. He strives to cope with his problems with the help of various substances. It does not worth mentioning that such a person will go further unless alcohol stops rescuing him. Finally, the teenager’s behavior is characterized with the withdrawal from his family, friends and classmates. Such anxious and hopeless young people must not be left alone.

Teenage suicide is a relevant and dramatic problem inasmuch as the number of suicide attempts has increased recently. Thus, parents and friends should know how to detect potential suicide attempts and help teenagers cope with their problems.

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