Self-Reflection Paper Example

Self-Reflection: Interior Designer
I regard myself as an interior designer by birth. Here is why. My name is Lisa, and from an early age, I developed a strong passion for interior design whereby I would rearrange furniture and household stuff at home to create a certain design. Interior design is a career path that can dare say I started nurturing before I understood what it was. This speech presents my passion for interior design, backed with my education achievement, and my future goals.

After completing my primary and secondary education, I joined Citrus College in Glendora in California where I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design. Currently, I am an interior design student at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, California. I am currently focused on completing my degree in education in FIDM by September 2020. After graduating, I intend to advance my education further in environmental design. I have a good set of skills, which I believe are important for my success in the field of interior design.

Apart from my love for learning, I am endowed with other skills that are vital in interior design. I am proficient in AutoCAD and Revit, programs that are highly essential in 2D and 3D designs using the computer. I am well acquainted with computer skills including Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Presentation, and Outlook) (Al-Mousa 27). I am good at Adobe Creative Cloud, which includes Illustrator and Photoshop. I am also familiar with SketchUp 3D design software. I am also good at researching the trending designs that are on demand by the customers.

I am good at budgeting, whereby I ensure that resources set for a given project are utilized optimally to reduce wastage. I put much attention to every detail in my creativity, whereby I tend to ensure that I cover every part of the project. I also have a positive attitude, because it gives me the energy to take every challenge that I encounter as an opportunity to enhance my skills. Over the years, I have developed my communication skills, which is important for sharing information about my ideas and designs with other people. Communication skill is imperative in the success of every field because it is required in sharing knowledge and skills, and explaining to other interested parties about a given design. Additionally, I am a flexible person that easily adapts to different environments, able to put my hand on any project regardless of its complexity. My adaptability nature has helped me to enhance my creativity because I can try different approaches when working on a given project.

I aim to pursue personal development, whereby I want to advance my knowledge and skills in interior design. I want to become an expert in my field, to be in a position to handle projects that are more complicated in the future. I want to gain more knowledge and skills to assume more responsibilities related to interior design. With my goal of becoming an interior and environmental design consultant, I want to enhance my creativity to be in a position to come up with diverse designs for the clients.

Through my education, both at Citrus and now at FIDM, I intend to gain more knowledge and skill in interior design. Apart from my education, I have good skills and strengths that are critical to succeed in the field of interior design.

In line with my belief that interior design is natural to me, my overall focus is to embrace every opportunity that can help to expand my knowledge and skills. I want to hone my skills through learning and personal practice to achieve my main goal of becoming an interior design consultant.

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