Essay on Sports as a Career

sport as a complex structure is an ambivalent, controversial, and paradoxical culture phenomenon, which has been studied in many researches. This phenomenon has relation with such action-oriented disciplines as economy, politics, science, and education, value criteria and society moral settings. On the other hand, it is vitally connected to the audience and media appeal, commercial viability, and image status.

In general terms, a professional sporting career is a long-time activity directed on fulfilling high achievement goals in a sport and consistent bettering of the achievement for the proper material compensation. This type of activity is fairly complex as it is practiced on the extreme field of competition. The task of mastering this activity is a long-term task of acquiring proper skills and conditions.

Certainly, not everybody sees sports as some sort of activity worthy full-time attention. Sure enough, for many and many it is just a type of hobby, recreational activity and not a profitable one. Nevertheless, professional athletes of the high competition level are doing quite well in terms of their profit.

On the other hand, it has to be mentioned that a person who chooses this type of activity as a highly profitable one almost inevitably encounters a disappointment. You have to have a serious physical potential and the passion for the job to be on the right way, as success here is strictly a derivative, which comes later when a whole lot of factors combine in a perfect puzzle.

Unfortunately, such an unpredictable and unstable character makes this profession very demanding in terms of psychological stress, which requires serious attention and studies, as today we can see the lack of properly trained specialists, capable of correcting psychological ability of the professional athletes.

The problem is aggravated by the fact that professional athletes are deeply affected by both positive and negative events of their career in a very personal way, which demands individual approach, however, based on the universal studies. We know numerous situations when successful athletes suddenly stopped their promising careers and quit the sport due to inability to overcome the stress or deep psychological trauma.

The professional sport requires professional approach, which is only natural. However, young amateurs, who have chosen this type of career have to pay the price from the very beginning of their way in the sport. The first significant step is the altering of the usual environment and total devotion to the training process. Sport becomes not only a hobby but a way of living. Sporting performance acquires not only personal but as well a social importance. Now you have to make a choice, there is no time for everything your peers are entitled to. Hence the problems with social adaptations.

The most important part of the gifted athlete career is when sporting achievements become the main motivating factor which imposes an appropriate lifestyle. During this period, your sporting career is totally depending on your sporting performance.

Any athlete’s career has its climax when his performance reaches its best. After that, due to aging, which is different in each sport, there is a dead-drop when athlete’s performance steadily declines. And of course, the greater athlete’s sporting achievements, the more traumatic the decline his going through.

The ending of a sporting career is usually in step with the summer of the athlete’s life which needs finding a proper application. All this generates a great deal of psychological problems and is a reason for providing athletes with the appropriate kind of psychological assistance.

The life after a sporting career is different in any given case, but for the most part, it is a set of entry-level jobs what is waiting for the former athletes. These jobs demand rather certain skills than qualification and are in retails, finance or social services, etc.

Thus we can see that the studies in the field are very important and can be conducted from the very beginning to the ending of the sporting career. This is due to the fact that a professional career in sport has three important periods: early start, climax, and decline which are concurrent with various aging periods of an athlete’s life, his individual development, and social adaptation.

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