Writing a Critical Analysis Paper on a Movie

you study at high school and college, you need to prepare a movie review from time to time. This assignment teaches young professionals to analyze the chosen movie profoundly and pay attention to the smallest details. It helps develop your critical thinking skills and analyze problems objectively. Doubtless, it is sometimes difficult to complete a successful analytical paper on a movie; therefore, students need special instructions to cope with this challenge efficiently.

#1. Watch the Movie

  • Watch the Movie for the First TimeYou will hardly make a successful movie analysis paper if you do not watch the suggested film attentively. Be ready to watch the movie at least two times. Firstly, you will need to watch the film without taking notes. Understand the main idea of the movie and catch its message. In simple words, you are supposed to enjoy the film and recognize the most captive moments and choose the most gripping characters. Make your general impression of the movie.
  • Watch the Movie and Make NotesWhen you watch the movie for the second time, you will need to be much more attentive. You should even stop the movie to make notes. Write down the descriptions of the main characters and events. Mark the plot development in the chronological order. Write as many details as possible. Pay attention to the work of the cameraman, designers and the experts who are responsible for special effects and decorations. The quality of your notes will determine the professionalism of your paper. Finally, if you manage to note enough details, you will not need to waste time and watch the movie for the third time.

#2. Plan Your Analysis Paper

  • Make a Good OutlineThe most useful way to prepare a newsworthy and well-organized logical analysis paper is to plan the entire assignment professionally. Create a solid outline to plan every step of writing. Think about the descriptions and problems that will be observed first. Construct every following paragraph in the same way. A proper outline will help you remember about every considerable element of the movie.

#3. Start Writing

  • Complete the Best IntroductionIntroduction is the first section that informs the reader about the subject of your analysis. Write down the title of the movie and the year of its production. You can be surprised but the year is a noteworthy element of the description whereas some movies have the same title and one can recognize them only due to the year of their release. What is more, write the director’s name because it can be called the film’s author. Have you seen other films created by this director? If you want to make the reader interested in your paper, enumerate several stars who play in the movie. It is possible to mention any important awards that increase its rates. Finally, you can name the reason of your choice. Why did you choose this very film for description?
  • Prepare the Main BodyStart the main body of your analysis with the brief presentation of the movie’s plot. On the other hand, do not overload the audience with the details inasmuch as they will not be interested in watching themselves. Continue the review with the presentation of the main characters and the major events. Why do you like or dislike them? Did the scriptwriter manage to create an absorbing plot? Focus on the characters and their role in the film. Did the actors manage to reveal the characters well? Did the cast play professionally? Pay special attention to the costumes and decorations presented in the movie. Do they reflect the atmosphere presented in the movie? This element is vital. Very often, the plot is perfect but the characters look weirdly because of poor-quality or unoriginal costumes and makeup. Continue your analysis with the illustration of the special effects. Modern movies possess high-quality computer graphics that improve the film’s atmosphere. In addition, evaluate the work of the cameraman and his style. Many directors decide to focus on the specific presentation of the events and characters through the particular types of shots and zooms.
  • Conclude Your ReviewIn the last paragraph of the movie review dwell on the overall quality of the film. Do you like it? What your favorite moments and characters? Will you recommend other students to watch it?

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