The Count of Monte Cristo Essay

Like many other works written by Alexandre Dumas, the novel The Count of Monte Cristo has been written with a language unusually easy for understanding. In my opinion, this novel deservedly is considered a classic of world literature. Despite the fact that the book is quite large in volume, it can be read at one sitting, so fascinating is the story of this piece.

The storyline is thought out down to the last detail: the action is unpredictable; the reader is constantly on his toes, trying to understand or figure out how this fascinating story will end. The main character is certainly admirable: inner nobility, perseverance, courage, spirit, acute sense of justice, honesty, and integrity along with the courageous appearance, a picture of a noble man. All his actions found not just approval, but admiration, and the reading about the exploits of a brave and just man was for me, and I think to a million other girls, a pleasure.

In addition, it should be noted that Alexandre Dumas very skillfully and colorfully creates characters of his personages: in the novel you will not find a uniquely “bad” or “good” people. Each character is extremely interesting, controversial, and unique, which is very important for any work. As interestingly and brightly, the author describes those places where events unfold. Moreover, he is so expertly conveys the mood, drew attention to the key things and details that make it very easy to imagine everything, which, all in all, creates a feeling of liveliness and complicity in events, independently whether a personage is thinking or is riding on a horse.

And, of course, I have to mention the inimitable sparkling humor, which gives the novel a great deal of its lightness. Despite the fact that the story itself is far from being hilarious, actually, it is quite dramatic, some moments have brought a smile to my face, and occasionally some laugh.

Another undoubted advantage is the sense of a mystery, mysticism, which you feel when reading the Count of Monte Cristo. The feeling that the whole affair is holding occult within itself, the mystery that enveloped all the novel developments that dissipates only on the last pages. And, of course, the happy ending, when the good eventually prevails, all the villains are punished and true love overcomes all obstacles, all this with no doubt pleases the reader.

It seems to me that the novel by Dumas is rightly considered one of the masterpieces of world literature. Ingenious, unique story, easy, fascinating language, unusually vivid images of its personages, all this puts this literary work among the immortal masterpiece of the world classics.

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