Term Paper on Advancement of Wave Energy

Wave energy is the kinetic energy which is produced by the fluctuations of the surface of the sea under the effect of wind. Wave energy belongs to the renewable sources of energy, so, much attention is paid to the advancement of this source. The principle of the use of wave energy is very simply – the special devices catch, transform and transmit the energy producing electricity or other forms of energy form it. The most favourable regions on the planet which can take advantage of wave energy are the coastal areas of oceans and big seas. Nowadays, because of the rapid exhaustion of the traditional resources which produce energy, the scientists think about the alternative and renewable ones to provide the humanity with the sufficient amount of energy. Moreover, the traditional resources are harmful for the environment, while the renewable ones – not.

Wave energy does not produce any wastes and it can not pollute the environment with anything and this point is very important for the humanity as well. Naturally, the process of production of energy from the sea waves is quite a difficult process and today the amount of energy produced in this way is quite low. Scientists work hard to invent the brand new technologies which would make the process more productive.

Obviously, the experts pay attention to the place of the area where the devices are installed, the strength and frequency of the waves, the risks of the unpredictable situations at storms, etc. Today such stations work not just on the shores of the oceans, but on the coasts of all seas including the small ones.

Advancement of wave energy is the reasonable solution to the problems of pollution and exhaustible natural resources. The areas which are poor on oil or coal are able to produce energy from the power of the sea waves. The student should observe the problem from the professional point of view analyzing the relevance of the matter, the usefulness of wave energy and the strong and the weak sides of this source of energy. One can provide the examples and statistics about the productiveness of wave energy stations and describe the principle of their work.

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