Essay on What is Love

Love is interested, caring and attentive attitude to the people we love. We can talk a lot about love, but if short, love is unselfish and joyful concern for others. It is caring and attentive attitude to the person, objects or any affairs and events. If you like an adult, intelligent, and responsible person, love should comply with other requirements: it should not be blind sighted, but intelligent, to not be only a feeling, but also responsible behavior. Love without respect is fragile and unstable, respect without love – cold and feeble.

Many judged love by their feeling and their partner’s feeling, but it looks like the feeling of love is just a reflection, a glare of the present (or not present…) that actually lives in our soul. It is separate and not simple topic about the basics of love, its driving forces, or how and why love is born. In any case, loving feelings are very different, containing both delight and tenderness, fear and hatred – depending on the form of love.

If you look closer to love, we will find a big depth of the feeling. However, it is not just a feeling, and behavior, it is a certain way of life with its own values, worldview, priority of attention and even breathing and intonation. In love, as in relations, there are a few lines.

First, it is the hierarchy of values. The higher is our favorite person in the hierarchy of values, the more we can talk about love. If a man loves a woman, but he still put football higher in the hierarchy, the value of his love is low.

Second is the vision of the world when we are in love. Anyone who has loved, remembers how in this state, the world is changing. In joyful love-care world is bright and spacious. In this celebration of life surrounding people, things and deeds become vivid, beautiful, and meaningful: favorite. On the other hand, we all remember: in suffering love the world is gray, dull, small, and depressing.

Live love is always kinesthetic. We are always attracted to the ones we love, we want touches and intimacy.

The older people get, the more they realize that love is not so much of a feeling, but a behavior. You can as much as necessary to say anything you want, but most of all your love speaks by your deeds. The love behavior is this diligence, where the loved on is a value in itself. However, each of us has his own love languages, and it is better to communicate with our lovers in such a way so that he could understand our intentions.

If you climb deeper into the soul, the most trustful feature of love is the state of mutual love, where there are WE. This particular state of mind and thinking, when your beloved ceases to be a separate person, when he becomes part of your life, when you refer all you’re thinking to him and his interests.

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