Essay: What is the Leading Economic Superpower in the World?

is a superpower? It is a state that has the biggest economic, political and military influence in the world. It is a country that has economic dominance on the international arena. It is a country that produces more products, services, energy and resources than any other state in the world. Consequently, it is a state with the most developed economy.

When we speak about the first part of the 20th century, we can mention three leading economic superpowers: the British Empire, The USA and the USSR. These three countries were the engines of the human civilization. After World War 2 the British Empire lost its influence and the world became divided into two sides. The first side was influenced by the USA and the second – by the USSR. This period was called the Cold War. However, very soon it was evident that the USSR could not compete with the USA, because of its out-of-date approach towards economy. The country failed to implement its vital reforms and got lost in the pages of history. Therefore, the USA became a single leading economic superpower in the world.

Nowadays, the USA is still considered to be the most influential and powerful state on the international arena. The secret of this success is very easy. The state cares about the health of its economy and reacts to its changes and challenges rapidly. When one is asked to sound a few strong sides of the USA, he will think about its army, energy and big business. It does not worth mentioning that the USA has the most powerful army in the world. The state donates billions of dollars into its military sphere in order to be able to protect its financial and political interests. Although common people protest against accumulation and improvement of weapon, the government donates much money into this sector. One can say that the army is an integral part of economy, because the government sells enormous quantities of weapon to other countries. Therefore, production of weapon is a very profitable business that brings billions of dollars into the state budget.

Alongside with weapon one can mention oil, gas and a great number of international corporations. The USA is one of the biggest producers of oil in the world. This resource is expensive and brings much money. The majority of famous international corporations are located in the USA. The state attracts smart students, scientists and entrepreneurs from all over the world. No wonder, the biggest IT corporations are located in the USA. The state is famous for machinery, chemical, heavy and light industry. It offers the best education and healthcare service. It is possible to claim that the USA is the best in everything.

Unfortunately, very soon the state can lose its leadership on the international arena. For example, China demonstrates enormous development of its economy. The government has carried out a great number of important social and political reforms that enable to build a wealthy state. In a few decades, China will become a new economic superpower if it saves the current rates of its rapid development. It is possible to mention that India also has favorable rates of economic growth and can occupy one of the leading places on the international arena.

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