Essay: Has Facebook Lost Its Edge?

is hardly a person in the world who has not heard about Facebook. Facebook is believed to be the most popular social networking service in the world that helps people from different countries communicate with one another. When you want to find friends abroad, you are able to create an account in Facebook. You ought to develop your personal home page in order to make it interesting to others. You are able to communicate with your friends, exchange photos and videos and get to know about the life of your favorite celebrities. Facebook is more than a simple social networking service. It embraces everything that is connected with information. You are able to find entertainment, communication, useful information about education, business, politics, sports, music, cinematography, etc. Moreover, you are able to share important moments of your life with friends on your timeline. When you feel bored, you are free to play simple games that can help you kill time.

Evidently, Facebook has been the most popular social networking service since its creation. Every day thousands of people created their accounts in Facebook. The absolute number of active Facebook users is higher than a billion now. No wonder, Facebook is called a global service that embraces people from all corners of the world. Naturally, every celebrity, music band, artist, writer, etc. needs a personal account on Facebook in order to advertise his/her activity. Facebook is not just a means of communication. It is a means of business and marketing. Every solid company needs to possess a Facebook account to promote its goods and services. It is a part of social marketing. When a singer creates his Facebook account, he informs users about his new songs at a moment’s notice. Consequently, he promotes his new product and makes money without any expenditure. He needs to share a link with his new song and wait till his fans purchase it. Facebook provides people with the most important opportunity to follow their idols in the real time.

However, many people speak about the reduction of popularity of Facebook. There are several reasons of this problem. Many people lose interest towards social networking services, because they grow up and do not have time and need for online communication. They delete their accounts or leave a very narrow circle of online friends. They do not need to show off and boast with their achievements or events with others. Consequently, they log in rarely and use Facebook as a means of information or business. Other people decide to quit, because they have found other social networking services that meet their requirements. Some people find Facebook overloaded with information and they choose Instagram or Skype for simple communication. Other users think that their opportunities are limited in Facebook and they look for other services of this kind. Many people have decided to delete their accounts because of bullying and viruses. It does not worth mentioning that many hackers attack mass audience with the help of harmful links placed on Facebook. There are people who entertain themselves offending other online surfers. Such online trolls cause psychological harm to children and vulnerable people posting provocative content or writing offensive comments.

Frankly speaking, all mentioned factors touch upon every social networking service. Every service loses active clients because of these factors; and Facebook is not an exception. But nevertheless, if Facebook wants to maintain its popularity, it should develop all the time. New opportunities and options should be introduced in order to meet requirements of the new generation of sophisticated and demanding online surfers.

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