Air Pollution Control Research Paper

United States annually spend billions of dollars to clean up contaminated areas. For example, only on the program to fight against the leakage of pollutants from underground storage tanks in 199, there were about 29 thousand remediation measures taken, which is three times more than in the previous year.

In the area of Los Angelos, the inversion layer is not subjected to turbulent movement, which contributes to the concentration of contaminants in the near surface layer of air. During times of low inversion and maximum concentrations of pollutants, visibility decreases dramatically. This overview of the weather phenomena in the Los Angelos appears to show that a large amount of data must be obtained to combat atmospheric pollution.

In many areas, we do not have detailed information on weather conditions, but they are necessary for the successful implementation of the program for the prevention of air pollution.

For all being said we should not forget about the role-played by social organizations fighting air pollution, since they faced the challenge of breaking the national traditions to ensure sufficient support for their administrative programs.

We will not have to mention all the various organization fighting against air pollution in the United States and Europe, however, we at least have to pay some attention to one of the major social organizations —The United States Air Pollution Control Association, which recently celebrated 50 years of its existence. Through public meetings, literary propaganda, the public, industry, and government appeals, as well as through various other ways, these societies do not get tired to stress that there is a need for a serious attitude towards atmospheric pollution and fight against turning them into a permanent condition of city life.

The urgency of the problem and the need for international cooperation in the fight against air pollution arose over the years has prompted the world’s scientific and technical society give the issue more attention. This is reflected in the activities of a number of commissions and committees of the United Nations and the World Health Organization in particular, which under the Charter is to contribute to the improvement of the hygienic environment factors.

Apparently, the only available at our disposal a valuable tool to determine the extent of the problem of air pollution is the material balance, which is used to create a more complete picture of the partial information about the state of the problem of air pollution control and evaluation of the results obtained in the implementation of programs to combat air pollution.

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