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Alternative education is primarily changing attitudes to the student: the student becomes the center of educational process, unlike it is in the impersonal system of education in general. And here we encounter the first specific aspect of alternative education: the student must be so well developed intellectually, spiritually, socially, it should have a sharpened sense of mutual respect, responsibility, to coordinate his studies on his own, in short, to learn as an adult, not like a child: with full responsibility and awareness of the usefulness of what is happening. In other words, for alternative education, there should be alternative soil.

Let us take a look at some of the most famous types of alternative education.

Externship is the most widespread form of alternative education. External studies is an examination at educational institution (for example, at school), in which a subject is not studied. In other words, the student comes to school only to pass exams and get certified. The preparing to the exams is totally the student responsibility.

The dominant principle in Montessori school system is to see in the student independent learner, independent individual. This is good, of course, it is applied only to children up to 6 of age. In high school, when implementing this principle, you have to remember about growing up issues and puberty, although the principles of Montessori students would be useful to adopt.

The Waldorf education system is the most common in modern education (more than 800 schools worldwide). The school system is that of tutoring – a class teacher patronizes his students during 8 years until graduation. In American schools, there are also some specific features: for example, children are taught to read only in the second grade, although the letters are introduced earlier. For the European system of primary education, which requires that the student coming in the first grade had already trained, it is not really adoptable. Another feature of the Waldorf system is the rejection of textbooks: younger students have only working notebook, and high school students use textbooks as an additional source of information.

Another kind of alternative education-probably the most understandable for many parents is home schooling. On the one hand, such education – if there is desire to learn, diligence, and focus on the objectives – give the learner an opportunity to get an excellent education through regular and consistent training with the strongest teachers. On the other hand, the home education means some limitation on socializing of the child, which can lead to certain problems with socialization and interaction with others, especially, unfamiliar people.

Alternative education – certainly not in its extreme forms – is particularly indicative of the development of education, of the innovations introduced in education, about the diversity that allows the individual to become multifaceted and comprehensive developed person.

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