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Aristotle was the first thinker, created a comprehensive system of philosophy, covering all the aspects of human development: sociology, philosophy, politics, logic, physics. His views on ontology had serious influence on subsequent development of human idea.

The metaphysical studies of Aristotle were accepted by Thomas Aquinas and developed by scholastic method. Naturalist of classic period, he was the most influential from the dialecticians of antiquity; founder of formal logic. Created a conceptual construct that has been used as a paradigm for the philosophical lexicon and style of the scientific thinking until now.

Those college students who have made the decision to write a good research paper on the topic have to know that Aristotle was born in Stagira, a Greek colony in Chalkidiki, not far from the Mount Athos, in 384 B.C. Aristotle father Nicomachus was a doctor at the court of Amyntas III of Macedon. Nicomachus descended from a renowned family of doctors, in which the art of medicine passed from generation to generation. The father was the first Aristotle tutor. Already in childhood Aristotle became acquainted with Philip II of Macedon the future the father of Alexander the Great that played a significant role in becoming Aristotle the educator of Alexander the Great.

Aristotle divided sciences into theoretical, an aim of that is knowledge for the sake of knowledge, practical and “poetic” (creative). The theoretical sciences include physics, mathematics and “first philosophy” (also known as theological philosophy, known later as metaphysics). Among the practical sciences there are ethics and politics (also known as a science dealing with the state). One of central doctrines of the “first philosophy” by Aristotle is a doctrine about four reasons, or the first principles.

Aristotle asserted that philosophy emerged on the basis of “episteme,” which was the knowledge beyond feelings, skills and experience. So empiric knowledge in the areas of calculation, health, natural properties of objects were not only the rudiments of sciences but also theoretical pre-conditions for origin of philosophy. Aristotle developed philosophy from the rudiments of sciences.
Philosophy became the system of scientific knowledge.

For denotation of totality of virtues of a human character as a special subject domain of knowledge and for the accentuation of this knowledge of science, Aristotle introduced a term “ethics.” Derived from a word “ethos,” Aristotle formed an adjective “ethics” in order to designate the special class of the human qualities he called ethics virtues. Ethic virtues are properties of a human character of temperament, also known as heartfelt qualities.

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