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Asbestos (from Greek. ????????, – indestructible) is the collective name for the group of fine-fibred minerals from the class of silicates. In the wild it is aggregates consisting of the thinnest flexible fibres. It is used in the most different areas, for example in building, motor industry and rocket production.

If use free sample research papers on asbestos you will know that the largest deposits of this mineral are in Canada, RSA, and in Russia. There are also deposits in the north of Kazakhstan, in China, USA, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Italy, France, Finland, in Japan, Australia, and in Cyprus.

On chemical composition, asbestos is a water silicate of magnesium, which theoretical composition is 3MgO?2SiO2?2H2O that in mass relation corresponds to 42,4% of MgO, 44,50% of SiO2, and 13,04% of H2O. As a rule, there always are admixtures of FeO and Fe2O3 in it, mass content of which rarely exceeds 2%, and besides, a part of FeO in asbestos isomorphically substitutes MgO, other part of iron is related to the mechanical admixture of magnetite, rarer chromite. Amount of other admixtures (Al2O3, Cr2O3, CaO, NiO, MnO, CuO and lyes) is negligible. At presence of admixtures amount of MgO and SiO2 in asbestos is usually lowered to 40% and less, mass content of constitutional water also fluctuates rising from 11,5-12,0 %to 14,5-15,0% and falling back.

In a pure form asbestos has subzero conductivity that does it a high-quality insulant. Among other important properties, is heat the resistance of asbestos. It is insoluble in water, chemically inert, is immune to solar radiation, ozone, oxygen, it does not educe harmful gases, steams, radiations are absent. Chryzotolic fibre is easily napped in the air and water environment. The napped asbestos possesses a high absorptivity and shows active adhesion to most connective and dispersible ingredients due to the large internal surface of pores between fibres and apparition of durable topochemical bonds.

The dust of asbestos is a carcinogenic substance (when introduced by inhalation). There are no proofs of pro-carcinogenic effect when asbestos is introduced with food. Fibrogenicity and cancerogenicity of fibres of different types of asbestos is very different and depends on a diameter and type of fibres.

During work with asbestos, it is necessary to control the level of dustiness and observe the maximum possible concentrations of harmful substances. Comply with sanitary-hygenic requirements during working with asbestos, which include the availability of general ventilation, drawing out at workplaces, use of individual means of protection and moist cleaning up of workplace, provide safety of the use of asbestos and containing materials. The product containing asbestos have it in constrained state (with cement, gypsum, rubber, resins, polymers, oil, bitumen), therefore, are safe and in many countries settled to application in building and industry.

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