Family Dynamics Term Paper

Family dynamics is the complex of factors which influence the variety of family interpersonal relations. It is natural that a family is the smallest but the most important unit of the society and it is of vital importance to improve the relations between family members and the set the roles played by the each member in the family. Family dynamics observes the problem of the structure of the family: parents, children, grandparents and close relatives, like aunts and uncles, their influence on the human relations and well-being of the family.

It can also refer to the family issues, for example, misunderstandings between parents and children and between younger and elder children. It does not worth mentioning that a younger child often faces troubles during the communication with the elder brothers and sisters, so it is important to know about the psychological techniques of communication between the children of different age and the techniques of conflict resolution within the family.

Finally, there are conflicts between parents – the father and the mother and this factor is extremely harmful for children who have to bear constant quarrels and stress. Then, family dynamics studies the important and troublesome issue of divorce, which occurs quite frequently nowadays. It is useful to know how to manage child’s stress and solve the problems related with the separation of the child with his mother or father after the divorce. Family dynamics studies all types of families according to their structure and way of life. For example, single parent and the same-sex-parent families are observed by the experts in this matter.

Family dynamics is the interesting matter for the analysis, because the student is able to observe the problem of family relations and structure from the psychological and sociological point of view. The young person can dwell on the analysis of the issue on family dynamics, the basic structures of families, types of families, the most common family problems and the ways of resolution of the family conflicts. It is wise to find the complex research approach towards the matter analyzing the problem from all sides and from the point of view of different disciplines and methods.

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