Research Paper on Autism Treatment

Autism treatment should start the earlier the better. The earlier the correction of an autistic child development begun, the more likely it will adapt to a normal life.

Typically, the disease is diagnosed to 2-2.5 years of age and, it should be remembered, never develops in a healthy child after 5 years. If deviations are detected at an older age, the parents should first think of schizophrenia, and not about autism. In addition, some of the symptoms of autism are similar to manifestations of mental retardation, speech disorders, congenital deafness, and regressive psychosis. Therefore, only an experienced professional can determine whether or not your child is autistic.

For nearly twenty years, the world has been steadily increasing the number of cases of autism in children. If in the seventies of the last century for 10,000 children there was one case of the disease, today it is one for hundred healthy children, and in many countries the statistics are even worse.

Unfortunately, by the official medicine has no answer on the causes of the origin and treatments for autism, which is distributed around the world with terrifying speed. Psychiatry, which had almost single-handedly handled the disease (mostly unsuccessfully) before a sharp increase in the number of cases, are not able to give to heavy autism patients anything but the walls of psychiatric hospitals.

Developmental therapy (such as Grynszpan, ABA, etc.), which have won by challenging their right to exist, despite the undeniable merits, also cannot give an appropriate response to the challenge of “epidemic” of autism. Therapists involved in these techniques cannot give a clear answer as to why a child progress from such therapy and the other does not advance even an inch forward. In addition, the overall success of these techniques statistics cannot satisfy neither the parents nor society.

However, unlike the methods of treatment of autism, which will be discussed below, psychiatry and developmental therapy are officially recognized and in most cases subsidized. Bio-medical direction in the treatment of autism, whether protocol DAN!, Homeopathy, or others are not included in the first or second direction, meet the irreconcilable opposition from the official medicine, and sometimes from the representatives of developmental therapy. The reasons are many. In the first place, all the representatives of the biomedical direction talk about the relation of the epidemic explosion of autism to the vaccination company. And this is a “sacred cow” of the official medicine.

Psychiatrists do not like the biomedical direction mainly that it simply removes autistic patients, followed possibly by schizophrenics, from the womb of psychiatry. Well, most therapists working on developing techniques, see the biomedical direction as competitors, claiming money that parents have not so much.

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