Research Paper on Benefits of Breastfeeding

Breast milk is the best start of a child’s life. Scientific studies have shown that breastfed babies are less prone to respiratory and ear infections, diarrhea, diabetes and many other diseases.

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Breastfeeding wonderfully affects all systems of a baby organism: digestive, immune, nervous, endocrine. Breastfeeding gives your baby the opportunity to evolve in the naturally intended way. Many of its benefits are becoming evident for both mothers and pediatricians, from the first day of the newborn’s life. Other benefits become evident, when the child grows up.

Scientific evidence clearly shows that there is nothing better than the breastfeeding. It is known that, in comparison with babies who are bottle-fed, babies who are breastfed, are less susceptible to various infections, less likely to diarrhea, and they are also less susceptible to pneumonia and other diseases. In the future, breastfeed children run the lower risk of diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and some forms of cancer. They are also less prone to obesity.

The experts also examined the possible link between breastfeeding and intelligence. The unique combination of amino acids and fatty acids, found in breast milk, contributes to an improved development of the brain and that was observed in breastfed babies.

The breast-feeding mothers run the lower risk of osteoporosis in the future. Therefore, the more you breastfed, the stronger your bones. It also reduces the risk of the breast cancer developing, and possibly other types of cancer. After delivery, breastfeeding can help you return to shape, as this way of feeding increases tone of your uterus and the fat accumulated during your pregnancy is consumed. And finally, most importantly, breastfeeding your baby may be the most unique, amazing and rewarding experience. It will also help you and your child become closer to each other.

A baby sucking your breast stimulates the release of endorphins in your blood. It is hormones that boost your mood and improve your well-being.

Breastfeeding gives excellent results. It helps mothers to better understand the nature of her baby; she gets benefits from communicating with her baby, seeing its face pleased at her breast. When a woman sees this, it overwhelms the pride for what nature gave her the possibility to give life. Mother gives baby her milk and thus helps it happily begin its life.

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