Research Paper on Body Image and the Media

Our body image depends on the historical and cultural context in which we live. In today’s world this context is largely determined by the media. Culturally constructed images of feminine beauty and implicit assessment of the female body is an integral part of the media, whether it is specifically oriented or relatively neutral. Simply look at the rack of glossy magazines or browse one of them to understand that we are infinitely imposed certain standards of appearance, which have very little to do with how women look in real life.

To write a good research paper on body image and the media you must understand that women are told not only to fit “expected” body image, but as well to fight tirelessly with their own body to meet these expectations. Besides fighting pathos and advertisements, articles about the “beauty problems” often carry an implicit message that a woman should be afraid of her age, her food, loneliness. Thus, the media inspire fear, “if you do not buy (do) all this, you will get fat, grow old and look bad.”

Why are we so sensitive to this “intimidation”? And why is so hard to not recognize ourselves in images and models offered by advertising as a “perfect women”?

Advertising and fashion does not deal with women but with femininity. It is socially constructed ideas about how it is necessary to look to look “feminine,” are the basis of the philosophy of the so-called “woman’s” and other magazines serving the beauty industry. Therefore, an average woman inevitably having some variation from perfection perceives her body through the prism of the media constructed image as not normal. And although such things cannot serve as a pretext for self-deprecation, women in this situation often feel guilty about it, which pushes her to the rack with cosmetics, to the next diet routine or an institute of plastic surgery.

It is important to understand that the ideas and images that we see and perceive through the media have a huge impact on our lives. Advertising not only sells the product, it also conveys our desires, our relationships, our needs, how we perceive ourselves and others. Advertising is not only a specific system of representation of objects, the programming of the consumer for the purchase of a product, but also a kind of ideological code, build a system of symbolic values: social, moral, political, and family.

In the twentieth century, new sources of media, which occupied a special position among the long-established media, came into existence. These abundant sources are the television and Internet. They also actively became a part of people’s lives. A TV is an incentive for action. It also promoted certain values ??which can give people the appropriate settings. This problem needs to be solved, despite the fact that it would be not profitable for someone.

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