Term Paper on Terrorism in Nigeria

is a troublesome country in Africa which has a great number of problems which prevent the country form the regular development. First of all, there are such problems as unemployment, economic crisis, population crisis, troubles with education, healthcare and social services. But probably the most obvious reason of all possible problems which destabilize the life and economic growth of the country is terrorism.

Terrorism in Nigeria is a very serious problem which causes much harm to the citizens of the country and nearly every month the country suffers from serious terroristic acts which take dozens of human lives. The major cause of terrorism is the conflict between radical Islamic organizations and Christians. The most well-known and radical terroristic organization in Nigeria is Boko Haram. This organization is known for its severe terroristic acts which are characterized with explosions, kidnapping, threats, etc.

Boko Haram was founded in 2002 and the direction of its activity lies in the destruction of the examples of the Western life style. Being a radical group Boko Haram tries to impose Islam on the citizens of Nigeria and destroy the influence of the Western civilization and its values on Nigerian culture. They struggle against the Western lifestyle, education, culture, science and the norms of democracy. According to Boko Haram’s opinion Nigerian government is spoilt by the Western ideas and the organization commits serious crimes hiding behind the ideas of Islam. Because of the uncontrolled situation with terrorism, Nigeria can not cope with its economic problems and improve the citizens’ quality of life and maintain their human rights.

Terrorism in Nigeria is a serious problem which enables the student to improve his knowledge about the peculiarities of terrorism in the definite country. The student can analyze the problem on terrorism in Nigeria in order to study the cause and effect of terrorism in the country and find the solution to the existing problem. It is reasonable to find out about the roots of terrorism in Nigeria and learn about the most famous terroristic organizations which cause harm to the country and its citizens. The student is able to observe a few terroristic acts and analyze them in detail dwelling on the character of these crimes and their consequences for the society.

The student is not only expected to prepare a quality term paper analyzing the issue from all sides, he has to solve the problem efficiently brainstorming the useful methods against terrorism. A free example term paper on terrorism in Nigeria is a helpful piece of advice for everyone who requires more information about the matter of writing. Furthermore, one can learn about the structure and formatting of the text reading a free sample term paper on terrorism in Nigeria.

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