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Carl Ransom Rogers, born January 8, 1902 in Oak Park, died Feb. 4, 1987 in San Diego, was a prominent American psychologist and one of the founders of humanistic psychology, also called “The third force.” Rogers is widely considered to be one of those who laid the foundations of psychotherapy research and was honored for his pioneering work with the Award for Distinguished Scientific contributions of the American Psychological Association APA in 1956.

In 1944, he was offered a professorship at the University of Chicago where he was commissioned to develop a Counseling Center.

Here Rogers developed his non-directive counseling, later called client-centered psychotherapy and later person-centered therapy or person-centered psychological counseling. Person-centered psychotherapy today is not so common in the U.S. anymore, but in the UK, South America, and Asia is quite common. Carl Rogers has written a total of 16 books and numerous articles describing his theories. One of his most acclaimed books is Freedom to learn (1969). The German psychoanalyst Otto Rank’s existentialist version of psychoanalysis came to mean a lot to the development of Rogers’ theories.

Rogers advocated the idea that humans are born with positive, social opportunities, and with a basic effort to realize these opportunities. As the child develops, it gets a self-image, which is mainly determined by how it is treated by their parents.

Carl Rogers did not work with the client lying on a sofa during therapy but changed this to a therapeutic conversation face to face. He also argued that self-acceptance was necessary in order to achieve self-realization. Rogers set up the three criteria he considered necessary for a therapist – client relationship to work; authenticity, acceptance, and understanding. The more authentic a therapist can be during a therapy session with a client, the more response the client gives. The more the therapist accepts and feels of the client, the stronger the therapeutic relationship. He considered that acceptance meant to be free of a judgmental attitude. Something that is essential for a human to grow and be changed by therapy. He also stated that it was necessary for the therapist to understand the client’s feelings. Rogers believed that for an individual to feel good, it required a good self-concept.

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