Climate Change Adaptation Research Proposal

Climate change adaptation is the process of the adaptation of ecosystems, groups of organisms and singe organisms to the changes in the climatic patterns. Today the process of climate change is very relevant and is closely connected with the anthropologic activity: pollution, deforestation, etc. Because of the development of industry and the growing effect of the pollutants on the environment the ecologic condition of the planet has become poor. The most obvious impact of the human activity is seen on the example of the change of climate. Nowadays the process of the climate change has become so rapid, that it is fairly impossible to stop it. In fact, it is quite possible to reduce it, but the process will be long and troublesome. The scientists who research this issue have understood that it is more adequate and helpful to adapt oneself to the new circumstances and climate than to change it. The issue of climate change touches upon many spheres, especially upon agriculture, because plant crops of the definite type grow in the definite kind of soil and in the definite climatic zone.

If the climate is unfavourable for growing, the plant would disappear from the territory it used to grow on. The most obvious solution to this problem is the selection of the more adaptive crops which would grow better on the territory with the altered climate. In addition, the climate change carries the risk of the natural disasters. There is a possibility of such phenomena as tornado, tsunami, etc and every country should be ready to react in the appropriate way to any threat to the life of its citizens.

Climate change adaptation is the important practice which is supposed to reduce the negative impact of the climatic alterations on the well-being and life of people. If the student has chosen to research the problem on climate change adaptation, he should at first prepare a good proposal which would illustrate the student’s intentions and ideas concerning the investigation of the problem. The student is expected to dwell on the major points which he wants to research, share his ideas concerning the troublesome sub topics of the major topic and present the methodology and literature used for the investigation of the climate change adaptation.

Research proposal writing is a delicate process which requires experience, attention, patience and deep knowledge about the issue under the analysis.

With the assistance of the Internet sources and a free example PhD research proposal on climate change adaptation the student is able to understand the basic norms of writing. It is a serious plus that one can read a free sample research proposal on climate change adaptation and borrow the wise ideas for the successful writing.

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