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Charter school is a school that is not run by the public sector, but which are mainly funded by tax money. This is different from privat schools as privat schools are partly or wholly financed by student fees. Charter schools may have different types of owners, such as foundations, chart enterprises, and non-profit organizations.

To start a charter school, principal must apply to the State school inspection. If the school meets the requirements and is approved by the School Inspectorate, it receives the contribution from the student home communities. The school is obliged to continuously participate in municipal activity and is subjet to School Inspectorate regular inspection. In the case of serious improprieties, the School Inspectorate is to revoke the school’s status and entitlement to the refund.

Charter schools are available at both primary and secondary level. There are also charter schools corresponding to special schools, which usually is integrated in a standalone primary school, as well as charter schools corresponding secondary level. Self-contained preschool can also be operated in conjunction with stand-alone elementary school or special school.

Charter schools must be open to all, but some selection criteria, which should be public and clearly worded, may be used in case when there are more applicants than places. Sibling preference, queue time and geographical proximity to the residence are the only ones that are allowed.
Charter schools are not obliged to follow the curricula. They may follow, for example, a custom curriculum andsyllabus.

Most charter schools follow the national curricula. Some charter schools corresponding to the elementary school uses hourly plan’s time for “school choice” for profiling, then, for example, teaches in Christianity, Judaism, or islam.

Another way for a stand-alone school to raise their profile is to add extended time in one or more subjects.

Most charter schools have a general focus, but there are also schools with other objectives such as special education.

According to the Education Act, charter schools, unlike the public, have denominational, i.e. religious orientation. The linguistic/ethnic schools are a heterogeneous group, with pure language schools and even more culture oriented schools.

Schools with special academic profile highlights a particular subject or subject blocks. International schools are primarily intended for students whose education be designed to facilitate further schooling abroad.

Charter schools are taxpayer-funded and may not charge student fees. Notification, queue or registration fees may not be charged. On the other hand, charter schools are free to receive donations. Most charter schools are organized as joint-stock companies and may also have other activities in the company, which is to produce teaching aids or organize adult education. About one-third of charter schools are organized as nonprofit associations, economic associations, or foundations (about as many of each). A very small few are operated as a sole proprietorship or partnership. Admission to charter schools may only be effected by notification (ticketing system), the proximity principle, and the sibling preference. Admissions to the secondary school occurs on the basis of grades just as in municipal schools. Training is financed by municipal contributions from the students home communities. It is calculated per pupil and should correspond to the municipality’s own costs.

Free credit companies make an average operating profit of 5.9%, according to a survey by the newspaper Society Today in 2012. Most companies reinvest all or most of the profits to the business. Some of the smaller companies have as pronounced policy that no distribution of profits to shareholders is to be made.

There are charter schools run by individuals, organizations, and foundations. It has also formed groups that operates several schools.

The aim of pursuing charter school varies. You might like to meet specific educational models, cultural or religious orientations. A charter school can also be a way to keep teaching in the locality, or to offer particularly high-quality teaching. School in a profit-drivenoperation occurs.

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