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Gay Pride Parade, which was held for the first time in 1977, nowadays takes place in a different city each year. From 1979, was also organized in Belgium, but it has always been held in Brussels since 1996 and is called since 2010 The Belgian Pride.

Gay Pride is an annually organized Parade, which has besides meeting, also an ojective of homosexual emancipation, having demonstrative and political character. This is in contrast to the equally annual Amsterdam Gay Pride, which is originally mainly a party around the Canal Parade. Today, both events have both a political and a festive sides.

Gay Pride is in principle held annually on the last Saturday of June. On that day, in New York in 1969 riots broke out after police invided the Stonewall Inn gay bar in Christopher Street. The riots led to the organized struggle for the rights for gays and lesbians, which was reflected in the first Gay Pride Parade, which was held in New York on June 28, 1970. They organize such parades in other countries.

The Gay Pride Parade took place in New York on 28 June 1970 at that time it was not meant to influence legal proceedings because gays and lesbians were ordinary people who did not need to emphasize their sexual feelings by means of a demonstration. This demonstration, organized by the International Lesbian Alliance, however, was not focused on the internal situation, but took place from international solidarity and especially against the anti gay-Anita Bryant campaign of the American purists. This was an annual event, that was initially called “21st” or “International Gay Pride Day” but since 1979, it is called Gay Pride.

This name was previously created in 1979, where on 14 April, Easter Saturday, a demonstration was held against the statements of Bishop Gaines on homosexuality. That demonstration fell in Holy Week, in which Catholics celebrate Holy Thursday and good Friday and that is the day is also called the Pink Saturday.

The Pink is probably derived from the pink triangle, which during the second world war marked homosexuals in concentration camps. Starting from the seventies this color and the pink triangle became the simbol of the struggle that gay people have against the established order. The term Pink Saturday is then retrieved for the last Saturday of June, for the first time on 30 June 1979, almost exactly 10 years after the Stonewall riots took place.

The Pride March was first called Gay Pride, then Lesbian & Gay Pride, then LGBT Pride (at each time claiming the rights of an additional community) to finally call themselves the Pride or the Pride March. These marches are open to gays, lesbians, bisexuals but transsexuals also heterosexuals claiming sexual freedom and equality of rights between heterosexual and other communities.

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