Research Paper on Civil Liberties

Civil liberties are recognized political and civil human rights. They provide protecting from the state (for example, right to a fair trial, presumption of innocence, freedom of speech) and require from the state certain legal and political opportunities (for example, voting right, right to due process. These rights are presented in the International pact on the civil and political rights and in the articles of a 1-21 Universal declaration of human rights.

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Civil liberties ensure the possibility of existences of people in the state, characterizing their physical and biological existence, satisfactions of material and spiritual necessities.

Civil liberties can be different in different societies and different epochs. It can be:

  • A right to due process (right to a fair trial),
  • Right for protection from political and social discrimination (on the ground of gender status, religion, race, etc.),
  • Political freedoms: freedom of thought, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and also rights for participating in public organizations, right to vote on elections or the right to be elected (voting right) et al.

The idea of civil liberties grows from traditional convention on human (such as equality before a law, freedom of speech and conscience) to the claim of political (for example, voting right) and social (health care, social security, etc.) rights.

Any limitations of civil liberties on the basis of gender, racial, class or religious status are considered as violation of status of citizen, which conflicts with the norms of democracy.

In legal society, settlement of disputes related to the violation of civil liberties is the prerogative of court and is exercised according to the principles of constitutional legality.

Civil liberties are natural, personal. The natural, civil and personal rights are one group of rights, which includes such rights, as the right to life, right to liberty, right to the integrity of the person and other.

One of the most undemocratic states is Saudi Arabia, where women are limited in their movement, deprived of their political rights, there is no freedom of religion whatsoever, and also criticism of the local-authority and police is strictly punished by the law up to the death penalty.

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