Emergency Management Term Paper

Emergency management is the discipline about the prevention of risks and the complex of actions when the risks have occurred.

The discipline works out the methods which are supposed to prevent catastrophes and accidents and to react to the existing problems of this kind adequately (evacuation, deactivation, etc). The discipline embraces also the policy of the support of the citizens who suffer from the catastrophes of the anthropologic industrial or natural origin. The general idea and purpose of emergency management is the creation of the methods which are able to protect people from the threat of a catastrophe, save the human lives and their property when the accident has already occurred. Naturally, nowadays emergency management is a serious and extremely relevant service, because in every city and town there are industrial objects which can cause harm to the human life and health in case of an accident. There are complicated services which include monitoring the industrial objects, the planning of their location in the country, improvement of their technical basis, improvement of their safety, informing the population about the possible threats and educational measures aimed at the teaching people about the dangers and the ways of the solution of the complicated problems and the ways of self-protection in case of an accident.

Emergency management is a complicated and varied structure which consists of the services and bodies of the local and state importance. For example, there are special bodies which monitor the situation directly at the nuclear power station and they report the results of their activity to the bodies of the state level and various ecological organizations.

Emergency management is the discipline which is aimed at the protection of the population from the negative effects of the industrial activity and natural phenomena. The student is able to prepare a quality term paper which would reflect the whole scope of activities taken by various emergency management bodies of different levels in order to inform the professor about the problem from all sides. The young person should explain the actual meaning of emergency management, its relevance, usefulness and effectiveness. It is wise to prepare a few examples on the practical use of emergency management taken from the human history to illustrate the issue better.

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