Research Paper on Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements are the most effective method to fight the deficit of vitamins, but only on the condition of the proper dosage of biological substances corresponding to the physiological needs ot the body.

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Dietary supplements in most cases belong to the class of natural components and possess the pronounced physiological and pharmacological properties affecting the basic regulator and metabolic processes in the human organism.

The basic physiological functions of dietary supplements are:

  • Regulation of fat, carbohydrate, aluminous and mineral metabolism.
  • Optimization of the enzyme systems functioning.
  • Antioxidant defense.
  • Hormone-like activity.
  • Structural components of cellular membranes.
  • Regulation of the immune system functioning.
  • Ensuring the processes of the cellular breathing.
  • Maintenance of the electrolyte balance.
  • Regulation of reproductive function and processes of embryogenesis.
  • Participation is in the processes of hematogenesis.
  • Maintenance of acid base balance.
  • Regulation of blood coagulability.
  • Regulation of myocardium excitability and vascular tone.
  • Synthesis of connecting tissue.
  • Regulation of nervous activity.
  • Maintenance of natural microflora in bowels.
  • Detoxification and biotransformation of xenobiotics.

Since the ancient times, man used as medications those substances and products that he used in hid dieting, Id est roots, fruits, bark, leaves, and stems of plants, parts of body and organs of different animals (including those that from the modern point of view in general are considered uneatable), soil, and minerals.

Taking about the curative and health affecting properties of food substances are saved in ancient oriental medicine (Chinese, Indian, and Tibetan) to our days. Medical supplements of that time have very complex, multicomponent composition of natural, unnatural origin. As a result, we have a wide distribution of dietary supplement.

Often dietary supplements contain the substances of adaptogenic and restorative action that stimulate immune system of our body, promote good muscle tone, physical and mental capacity; diminish negative influence of the environment and stresses.

Many useful elements used in dietary supplements are found in such algae as spirulina, kelp, fucus, ascophyllum, chlorella. These products are a wonderful source of easily assimilable phytalbumin. In addition, they are rich in vitamins, amino acids, microelements, nonsaturated fat acids.

Water plants accelerate detoxification of the radionuclides, heavy metals salts, and other toxic substances, cleansing the body and slowing the aging processes, stimulating the immunity. They can also be used for the prevention of cardiovascular and oncologic diseases, asthma and allergic reactions, normalizations of the thyroid functioning (as rich in an iodine), cure the inflammatory processes in our bowel.

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