Research Paper on Benefits of Yoga

One of basic benefits of yoga is its positive influence on the backbone, which, as is generally known, is the base of health for all our body. Most asanas, the body positions, are practiced for the maintenance of its correct functioning. As a result, nerves are actively provided with nitrogen and oxygen, supporting their proper functionality.

Use free sample research paper on benefits of yoga to understand that these exercises effectively help to get rid of the chronic pain in the lower back, closed thorax, and distorted backbone.

Yoga renders salutary influence on all systems of organism, including cardiovascular, digestive, and endocrine. When practicing asanas, internal organs and glands, responsible for the healthy functioning of organism are being specifically stimulated.

Practicing bandha (power locks) improves the blood circulation in the sexual glands in the representatives of both sexes and can be considered a prophylaxis and therapy of sexual disorders.

It also should be said about dorsal spine mobility. Zealously engaging in yoga, you will notice very soon that your body became more plastic and flexible. Besides such obvious pluses as gracefulness of your gait and smoothness of your gestures, the increase flexibility of your body can remove some unpleasant symptoms, in particular, excessive compression on a knee-joint and bad posture. The latter is a reason for degenerative processes and pain.

The absolute benefit of yoga consists in increased the level of haemoglobin, amount of red corpuscles and diminished viscidity of blood, which considerably reduces the risk of development of cardiovascular diseases.

It is quite interesting that perceptible lowering of the hormone of stress level, which occurs as a result of regular practice, helps to increase the closeness of the bone tissue, as cortisol provokes erosion of calcium. Such conclusions were done by the State Californian University on the basis of numerous researches among practicing yoga.

It is also noticed, the meditation assists normalizations of the immune
system activity and increase bode resistance to the environment and various adverse external factors.

American researchers from Hampton University recently proved convincingly that engaging in yoga is useful for teenagers fighting their overweight.

As a result of the experiment conducted for twelve weeks among high school students, it turned out that regular practice is able substantially to bring down the body weight index. The researchers said that yoga has changed in practicing yoga blood circulation and metabolism in a cerebrum, and also diminished volume of their stomach, which resulted in the quantitative adjustment of their daily ration.

Another benefit of yoga is that it helps to understand emotional reasons for overeating and obesity, and most asanas involve such deep muscles that other types of physical activity do not affect at all, and are also accountable for creation of slender silhouette.

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