Effective Classroom Management Research Paper

Effective classroom management is determined by the main task of the education sector: to promote the development of the student’s personality.

To exercise an effective classroom management, a teacher has to stand in the position of assistant to the student, the person contributing to achieving the student’s objectives. It is necessary to make the teacher-student interaction predictable and understandable to the student, so that he could make a choice, to make independent decisions.

Use free sample research papers on effective classroom management for better understanding of the fact that the main task of the teacher in the classroom when working with student is to teach students to set goals, plan, evaluate the results of their activities.

Classroom management is the process of maintaining an effective learning environment in the classroom that causes in students a desire to work actively without violations of discipline.

If classroom management is indeed effective:

  • students spend more time learning – the teacher is not distracted by the comments to the students behavior, various retreats; he is able to begin the lesson in time because of the ability to calm the children and setting the working environment in the classroom. One of the most important tasks of the classroom management is to increase the actual time of the educational process;
  • classroom management is used for the development of effective self-organizational skills, the teacher teaches students to take responsibility (self-management and awareness), sets the rules and procedures for joint activities.

Basic functions of the classroom management:

  • goal setting and lesson planning;
  • the organization of interaction (creation of the lesson structure, the distribution of rights and responsibilities, the establishment of standards, training, self-management, and organization);
  • motivation, education motivation development;
  • monitoring of training activities and their results (creation of the evaluation system, the establishment of standards, providing feedback, correction of deviations).

Classroom as an object of management is characterized by the following parameters:

  • Multifaceted environment. Each student is a person with goals, tastes and abilities. It is important to teach children to be active all the time – to perform various tasks, use the training material.
  • Unpredictability. Classroom activities are rich on events and thus unpredictable. Teacher needs to respond immediately to the huge amount of incoming information – verbal reaction and silence, smiles and quarrel, resentment and misunderstanding. The teacher interchanges information with students literally hundreds of times a day.
  • Public communication. A teacher and students constantly feel a bit “on the stage.” Every action or saying are valued by the associates. Students always see if a teacher is right, whether his actions are right or he is unfair.

The need for mutual cooperation and organization. An important classroom management task for the teacher is to achieve this goal by increasing the mutual aid between students in the classroom, as well as training cooperation, such as creating micro-groups to work on the task.

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