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Biological perspective is a branch of psychology that considers physiology as affecting human behavior.

Use free sample essays on biological perspective to understand that the idea of parallelism of psychic phenomena with the physiological processes in the nervous system was proved by a huge number of observations and experiments, proving that the damage to different centers of the brain, cranial or abducens nerves immediately distorts or destroys any mental functions with the full and detailed definitions, besides, it is not hard to see how close is the psychological development and the development of neuro-cerebral apparatus in the number of animals or in the human development from embryo to a mature man.

Biological perspective, sometimes referred to as psychobiology or biopsychology is a subset of psychology. Psychology can be defined as the scientific study of mental processes and behavior. Biological psychologists often use biological methods of research to base their practice on them. On the other hand, biological psychologists may be interested in the measurement of certain biological variables (anatomical, physiological or genetic variables) in an attempt to relate them quantitatively and qualitatively, from a psychological (typically behavioral) variable.

A distinctive characteristic of the biological perspective is that the independent and dependent variables here have a biological nature. Biological perspective investigates the relationship between biological processes occurring in the body, and behavior. It considers human behavior as determined by many factors, such as for example the experience and environment, but is mainly concentrated on biological processes. For example, let us consider Alex’s behavior, who spent all morning trying to buy a suit, went to different stores, but with no success. Finally he decided that he needed to take a break and went to the cafe, where he ordered a large cup of coffee and a piece of apple pie. Why has he ordered a meal? According to one explanation, the search for a costume exhausted Alex’s energy. This is the usual way we explain the feeling of hunger. According to such an opinion we should only have to restore the lost energy, in order that our body continued to function. But even from everyday experience it is clear that people eat not only to meet the physiological needs. For example, Alex could not be hungry at the moment, when ordering a piece of pie. Maybe he wanted to try it just because it looked appetizing?

Biological perspective has found three factors that control food intake at the lunch time. Firstly, when the stomach is filled with food and then gradually contracts during digestion; there nervous channel through which the stomach signals are transmitted to the brain of how full or empty the stomach is. Secondly, when the food enters the stomach, it stimulates the release of their substance called cholecystokinin. It is absorbed into the blood and, most likely, “says” the body that it is time to stop eating. Third, the appearance, taste and smell of food can also affect our appetite.

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