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Statement of the European Commission has shocked many parents, whose children have free access to the Internet. Online harassment and pedophilia become increasingly common in the popular social networking sites, including Facebook. In turn, the same resources are not able to provide effective protection for children against such adverse effects.

These conclusions of the Commission were drawn due to a thorough study of 14 leading social networks. The main criticism of the European Commission were referred the privacy default settings, aimed to protect the users. The Commission representative Jonathan Todd told reporters that members were clearly dissatisfied with these online sites. Of the 14 sites being selected for the study, only two have been found having acceptable privacy default settings. The list of the penalty box includes a giant like Facebook, which has over one billion users. According to Todd, in order to prevent cases of pedophilia and internet bullying, Neelie Kroes, who is in charge on digital technologies in the Commission, will discuss with the companies the way for the solution the issue of privacy of the social networks users.

it was reported that Facebook has updated its privacy settings, which allowed its users to view their personal information, stored in the social network. Updates provide users with “advanced archive” with information about their activities on Facebook. Representatives of the social network assured that all data was stored in accordance with the European legislation.
It worth noting that Download your information service was first introduced in 2010 and allowed the users to access digital copies of the photos, posts and messages they exchanged on the social network. Those who took advantage of this opportunity to could get the archive with a lot of data.

The organization “Europe Against Facebook” has filed several complaints about the Facebook privacy. Activists of the “Europe Against Facebook” stated that the actions of the social network are an attempt to “fool” the people, because they do not have access to the raw data to which they are entitled.

It is worth noting that it is not the first time when Facebook privacy policy has been criticized. At the end of 2011, the Irish human rights organizations issued a report on the Facebook privacy policy, which noted that a social network should provide users with greater access to their data, and to provide an explanation of how they are handled. In July 2012, human rights organizations intend to conduct an audit of how Facebook implemented their recommendations.

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