Research Paper on Importance of Motivation

Psychologists define motivation as an aspiration or desire, stimulating and directing person behavior. The research in this area was conducted by many scientists. One of the most recognized experts engaged in the field, named social psychology, was Abraham Maslow. He supposed that our behavior was determined by necessities. The most dominant in the given moment would be the most motivating. When the necessity is satisfied, it will stop to be a factor determining our behavior.

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When starting resolve a problem and having chosen the ways of its solution, it is necessary to figure out your aspirations, desires and to take into account your need.

will have to ask yourself the next questions:

  • Will the chosen way to solutions as well as the solutions themselves will bring you to the point where your aspirations will be met and your needs satisfied?
  • Will there be a chance to express yourself; will you be able to use your strong points, your advantages?
  • Will there be a possibility to acquire a status (to hold a corresponding position, become the high-level expert in the field)?
  • Will the work be interesting?
  • Will it give you the opportunity to work out your financial problems?

It is good if proceeding to the task you will give positive answers for all the questions above. This means your motivation for the job is right about 100%. If forthcoming efforts will not satisfy any of your aspirations or needs, then your motivation for the work is minimal.

Interesting studies were conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The reason for the research was the apathy of the local geeks to new gadgets. About three thousand persons were polled.

It turned out during the research that motivation decreased after five years of work at the same place. In the first two years, a worker is interested in external assessment of his professional activity. Between the second and fifth years of service, the main reason for motivation is the independence of actions, self-expression. It is the most productive period. After five years of the work experience, the personal interest goes down. Instead of the priorities related to work, egoistical reasons come forward into the first place. A worker is any more interested in social events during the work hours.

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