Research Paper on Fears and Phobias

Fear is a reaction of the body to dangerous situations in society or a direct threat to life. The word “phobia” originates from Greek “phobos,” fear. Thus, from the linguistic point of view, fears and phobias are one and the same. But from the point of psychology, phobia only refers to fears that are irrational, uncontrolled, compulsive, inadequate to existent situation and is accompanied by vegetative dysfunctions (palpitation, abundant sweat, trembling, gastric disorders, etc.).

This means that if a fear comes often, becomes compulsive, uncontrolled, and the desire to avoid the cause, if there is no any, is greater, or it obstructs normal life and everyday activity of the person, then it is a phobia. A cause for phobia, as well as for any fear, is registered by organisms, and can be subsequently reproduced. It also is able to progress, and cover the contiguous (near) causes. This means that if you stop control a fear it will possibly grow into phobia phobias, and if you do not find the cause for that, your phobia will only deepen and become stronger.

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In principle, there is such point of view that if there is fear, there is a reason for that. But why exactly does this fear appear in a certain person? Certain fears appear approximately in the same age in everyone, and whether a person will be the “recipient” of a certain fear or no, depends on its personality, social surroundings, education, genes, etc.

Fears and phobias are studied by the representatives of different sciences: by biologists and physicians, psychologists, philosophers and theologies, and even by linguists (who study the features of speech when experiencing of this emotion), and everybody presents this phenomenon in their own way. That is why there are so many definitions of fear, and theories on how to get rid of it.

The origin of any fear lies in the instinct of self-preservation and all other features are added from outside. Psychology and physiology of the person experiencing fear have their influence too. Thus, the reaction to danger depends on the psychological and physiological state of the person. Physiology and psychology are closely related. Accentuation, temperament, influencing the personality, depends on genetics, and the flow of emotions depends on education. Psychologists mark that there are both positive and negative effect of fear on an organism. Emotion of fear, in psychology is negatively painted. However, it can, when needed, save our life, which is certainly a positive side of the problem.

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