Research Proposal on Sex Workers

Sex industry is an important sector of economy both for developing countries, where it is often the basic source of foreign currency and for industrial countries. Two basic subdivisions of sex industry are prostitution that includes the direct exchange of sexual services for money and other types of economic reward and pornography, including execution of the sexually-oriented tasks, sometimes with participation of two and more people, busy in the production of photos, films and video tapes various live performances in and night-clubs, except for direct sexual services paid by a client. Those who are about to write a research proposal on sex workers have to understand that there no clear distinction between prostitution and pornography, as sometimes sex workers usually having sexual intercourse for money, perform only the actions of erotic character or dance for private clients, and some sex workers, for example, a stripper and exotic dancer in the night-club, enters into sexual contact with a client after the performance.

Legal status of prostitution and pornography workers is varied in different countries from complete prohibition on the cycle of moneys from sex industry, as, for example, in the United States; and decriminalizations of cycle of moneys with prohibition on pornography in many European countries; to tolerant attitude toward an individual and organized prostitution, for example, in Netherlands and regulation of prostitution by the law on public health care and prohibition only to that part of sex industry that falls short of to the requirements of law, as in many Latin-Americans and Asian countries. Even in those countries, where a sex industry is legalized, the government remains ambivalent to the health of sex workers, and the attempts of imposing the norms of labour safety are rare. However, from the beginning of 1970s, prostitutes and performers of the erotic programs began to create organizations in order to call to the questions of their labour safety and try to reform the legal context of the work.

There are especially many discussions on the question about minors in sex industry. It is yet another vast problem, but what is important is that it was examined in the context of child’s labour safety and poverty on the whole, but not isolated. For most sex workers this employment is temporal; experience usually lasts from 4-6 years, some work only for a few days or with interruptions (between other jobs), until the age of 35 and more. The major factor of labour inflow in sex industry is economic because in all countries this labour is paid better than other and does not require the protracted period of educating. Really, in some countries high-paying prostitutes earn more then doctors and advocates.

The movement in the protection of rights of sex workers has drown the conclusion that it is difficult to decide about voluntarily or force character of job, if a sphere is illegal and disgraceful. It is important to support ability of sex workers to get organized in trade unions, professional associations, create self-help organization and demand political defence.

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