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The history of aviation is studying the mechanical flight development from the first attempts to launch kites and planning of flight to aircraft equipped with engines and heavier than air, as well as its later development.

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Mankind’s dream to fly, perhaps, was first fulfilled in Ancient East, where the human flight, attached (as a punishment) to the paper kites has been described in the 6th century BC, Later the first controlled flight on a hang glider was made Abbas ibn Farnas in Al-Andalus in the 9th century BC.

Leonardo da Vinci’s dream to fly has found its expression in several projects, but he did not try to implement them. The first serious attempts to fly were made in Europe in the late 18th century.

Tethered balloons filled with hot air were improved in the first half of the 19th century and were used on a significant scale in a number of wars in the middle of the century; the most famous was their use during the civil war in the United States, when the balloons were used for observation during the battle at Petersburg.

Santos Dumont was the first aviator who has effectively equipped the balloon with an internal combustion engine. His aircrafts became globally known after he won prestigious competition in Paris in 1901 when his aircraft Number 6 cover the distance in less then thirty minutes.

The modern history of aviation is the history of highest speed and altitude, jet engines and the longest flies without landing. It is a very interesting topic for profound investigation and developing a successful research project. However, the writers, who have chosen this topic to write their research papers on would have thoroughly study the subject and process a great deal of information to find the relevant data.

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