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In the last decades, different directions of alternative medicine become increasingly popular all over the world, as people, suffering different diseases, more and more often are calling for help various types of unconventional treatment. Worldwide Health Organization (WHO) has recognized the methods of alternative medicine already a long ago, including in the official list homoeopathy, osteopathy, bioresonant therapy, east medicine and other directions.

If you want to study this complex and multi-faceted topic you would have to explore all the various nuances of the matter. For that you might want to look through some free sample research paper on holistic medicine, where you can get acquainted with the idea that it is one of the best-known and popular directions of unconventional medicine today, which regards the human organism as single unit, takes into account interaction of human organs with other systems of organism.

The concepts of “holism” and “holistic” approach the original from of the Greek word “holon,” meaning “wholeness,” “integrity.” Accordingly, the whole world, and all living flesh from this point of view is a single unit. The conception of this movement regards human being as indivisible and single unit in a spatio-temporal continuum. In obedience to this theory, every individual is part of the Universe and fully reflects its structure.

The material carrier of “integrity” is a holographic structure of DNA that incarnates the algorithm of integrity. The concept was set forth by the ancient Greek scientist Heraclitus in the V century B.C.

Holism mastered the minds of the European thinkers from antiquity to the middle of the XVII century. Then, with development of science, it took the role of philosophical conception not having a practical value, holism went away in shade.

Mass interest in the ideas of holism re-emerged in the XX century. The South African politician and philosopher Jan Smith became the founder of the modern holistic approach. In obedience to the conception outlined in his book “Holism and evolution” (1926), holism synthesizes in itself both idealistic and material beginnings. It symbolizes the principle of integrity, where a part submits to the whole. This major quality of the soul that ties-up parts in a single unit.

From the beginning of 1990s, first in the USA, and after some time in Europe, holistic medicine gets wide distribution as an alternative direction within the framework of traditional medical practice.

Modern medicine does not even try to get to know and understand the nature of the integral high-organized single organism. System properties of that fundamentally differ from the simple sum of properties of her separate elements. Harmonious cooperation of all elements of the system, submitted to a single purpose, provides higher organization of the unit.

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