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Lewis Carroll biography oddly combines the rigour of mathematics professor and humor characteristic of this writer.

Use free sample research papers on the topic to learn that Lewis Carroll was born in one of the small villages in the English County of Cheshire January 27, 1832, in the family of priest Charles Dodgson. He received a double name – Lutwidge – the first one to honor his father Charles and the other one to honor his mother Lutwidge. At a young age, fascinated by the writing of poems, Charles came up with an original nickname from his two names. Translating both name into Latin, he shuffles the words, and then by making them a reverse translation to English got Lewis Carroll. Under this pseudonym, he wrote his most famous literary work Alice in Wonderland.

Among the many abilities possessed by the gifted young man was math. This determined the fate of Charles Lutwidge, who graduated from Oxford, and being 23 years old was appointed Professor of mathematics, at one of the colleges of the University.

Dr. Dodgson was not a sociable person. This side of his character was most likely due to his physical shortcomings – he stuttered and was one ear deaf. The professor lived alone in his Oxford house and spent hours walking around the area. His lectures were no emotionally different and did not have much success among the students.

Charles was fond of painting using for this purpose the charcoal and pencil. He painted many albums for his younger brothers and sisters. Once he sent his cartoons to the humorous section of Times, but the attempt was not successful.

This failure has given birth to his passion for photography, opening a new page in his life. In this work, there was a success, and to the point that this gifted man was considered one of the best non-professional photographers of the 19th century. In 1950, the book Lewis Carroll, an artist, telling about this activity of this talented writer and scholar, was published.

Lewis had a huge capacity for work, and in order to not spend his time for taking meal, he often limited his daily diet with cookies and a glass of sherry. For long sleeplessly nights, the professor was thinking up different math puzzles, which were afterwards published as Mathematical curiosities.

The scientist left his native country only once in his life, in that he also has preserved his original character, he did not travelled to popular countries, such as Switzerland, Italy, France, but to the distant Russia.

Professor Dodgson thought up different games, some of them still popular in Britain, he was also inventing all sorts of devices. Many of them were “invented” again and carry the names of other people.

January 14, 1898, Dodgson died. The date ends the biography of Lewis Carroll, whose stunning abilities made many people wonder.

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