Social Psychology Research Proposal

Social psychology is the branch of psychology which studies the human activity and behaviour in the conditions of the relations between different people in different social groups. The most important problems for the research of social psychology are the rules or communication and cooperation between people; activity of big (nations, classes) and small social groups; socialization of the personality, etc. It is natural that social psychology is a complicated and well-structured discipline which has close connections with other disciplines, like sociology, psychology, economy, political sciences, philosophy, etc. The discipline focuses on the great number of problems, for example, the social and psychological phenomena in big social groups, the influence of mass media and communication on the human behaviour and psychics; the rules of spreading of the public mood, culture, traditions and customs. Then, social psychology studies the peculiarities of the human relations in microenvironment, like small social groups, the issues of leadership, motivation, etc.

Finally, the discipline learns the social and psychological peculiarities of the human psychics studying the human individual. Here the experts pay attention to the problems of the human behaviour in different social situations, the issue of self-esteem, self-respect, adaptation, the role of an individual in small and big social groups, etc. Social psychology is quite a young discipline, because it had its birth in the 20th century when the value of the human life increased. The experts decided that it is necessary to study the peculiarities, cause and effect of the definite human behaviour in the particular situations with the purpose of conflict resolution, improvement of the methods of the process of socialization, etc.

Social psychology investigates a great number of issues related with the peculiarities if the human behaviour and activity in within different social groups. The student can prepare a well-structured and logical research proposal about the problem if he has decided to observe the matter on social psychology in detail. One can focus on the analysis of the most interesting aspects of the problem explaining the relevance of the topic on this discipline and its principles for the humanity. The student should prepare the major points for the research, suggest the methodology and literature review for the proposal and convince the professor in the success of the chosen topic.

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