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Lizzie Borden (19 July 1860 – 1 June 1927) was a United States citizen, which has become famous thanks to the famous case of the murder of her father and stepmother, in which it was accused. Despite the large amount of evidence of her guilt she was acquitted. Until now, her case causes various interpretations and disputes.

Use free sample research paper on the topic to learn that Lizzie Borden was born in 1860 in the state of Massachusetts. When she was two years old, her mother died. Her father, Andrew soon remarried. Lizzie and her sister Emma could not find a common language with their stepmother, did not like her, and suspected that after the father’s death a significant part of the inheritance would go to stepmother.

Lizzie’s father was quite rich, but stingy. He has not had much to spend on daughters.

Lizzie Borden grew a well-bred girl, went to church, knew knitting, sewing, catching fish. Growing up, she became a Sunday school teacher.
On the eve of August 4 1892, Lizzie’s sister, Emma went to a neighboring town to visit friends. Lizzie herself after a light food poisoning felt bad. She shared her suspicions with a friend that someone is trying to poison their family, and that something awful is about to happen to her father.

The same day, a brother of the first wife of Mr. Borden, John Morse, who stayed at their house for a few days left. In the house, there was a maid, and Lizzie’s stepmother. Soon father has returned. Lizzie offered to her father to have some on the couch in the living room and take a nap before the dinner, he did so. Ater the maid had gone to rest, she soon heard a scream of Lizzie. She came running and saw the body of her master.

Lizzie sent her for doctor. He soon appeared, and concluded that Mr. Borden was killed with an ax. A few minutes later a second body was found – the stepmother of Lizzie. She had been killed in the same manner.

At first, the police believed that the murder of the Bordens had been committed by other people, but eventually the police strengthened in their suspicion that it was Lizzie who committed a double murder. She was arrested.

The press strongly accused Lizzie Borden of murdering. At the same time, ordinary people have a good opinion about Lizzie and believed her innocent. George Robinson, a former governor of the state, defended Lizzie in the court. He was familiar with one of the three judges assigned on the case and asked him not to reveal some of the details that showed not in favor of Lizzie. All jurors were men. The process went 10 days and Lizzie was acquitted.

Lizzie inherited the estate of her father. She sold the old house and bought a new one. Her sister Emma lived with her, but, as told by their neighbors, the sisters had a quarrel, and Emma left Lizzie. Lizzie Borden died in 1927. She has never married and had not any children. The murder of her father and stepmother remained unsolved. In the United States there is still a “Society of Friends of Lizzie Borden,” which distributes opinions on innocence Lizzie.

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