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Medical advancements have transformed the world. They changed the course of history, saved an infinite number of lives, extended the limits of our knowledge to operating frontier, where we are standing today, ready for new great discoveries.

Use free sample research papers on medical advancements to understand that in ancient Greece, health care was rather a philosophy than a practical system of procedures based on the true understanding of human anatomy. The surgery was a rarity, and cadaveric dissection was not practiced. As a result, doctors had little information about the visceral organs of the human body. Only during the Renaissance anatomy began as a science, when a Belgian physician Andreas Vesalius decided to share his experience gained over the years doing skilled autopsies by writing a book on human anatomy.

The structure of the human body published in 1538 is considered one of the greatest works in the field of medicine, as well as one of the greatest advancements because it was the first giving the correct description of the structure of the human body.

Before the beginning of the 17th century, the process of blood circulation was understood incorrectly. The dominant theory was that the blood was rushing to the heart through the pores in the soft tissues of the body. Among the adherents of this theory was the English physician William Harvey, who, after long heart observation in animals, realized that common blood circulation theory was not correct. Harvey realized that the heart pumps blood into the arteries, which passes through the veins and, closing the circle, comes back to the heart and then start the cycle over again. Today it seems the capital truth, but for the 17th century, the discovery of William Harvey was revolutionary. It was devastating blow to the established medical concepts.

Another great medical advancement, associated with blood, was made in Vienna in 1900, when the Austrian physician Karl Landsteiner discovered that blood coagulated when specific proteins in the recipient blood, so-called antibodies reacted with other proteins in the donor erythrocytes, so-called antigens. It turned out that blood can be clearly divided into four groups to which he named as A, B, AB, and zero. It turned out that a blood transfusion is successful only if the blood group matched. Landsteiner’s discovery had an immediate impact on medical practice.

It is impossible to imagine life without the next great discovery. Imagine that we do not know where to operate patient, or what bone is broken, where the bullet stuck and what may be a pathology. The ability to look inside a person, not cutting it, was a turning point in the history of medicine. X-ray became a new, powerful technology that has revolutionized the process of diagnostics. Discovery of x-ray radiation is the only one in the history of scientific discovery made unintentionally and immediately took into practice without any debate.

The invention of vaccination against smallpox was a revolution in medicine. This was the first attempt to intervene in the course of illness, preventing its progress. For the first time, man created means actively used to prevent disease before its occurrence.

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