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Despite complete abolition of slavery and prohibition on the use of slave labour in any form by Universal declaration of human rights, in the modern world slavery is more real than it ever was.

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The experts of international organization Free the Slaves assert that if for 400 of transatlantic slave-trade from Black continent approximately 12 million slaves were taken out, then in the modern world more than 27 million persons (1 million in Europe only) are slaves. In opinion of experts, underground slave-trade is the third most profitable criminal business in the world, yielding only to arms trading and drug traffic.

The profit is about 32 milliards of dollars, and the annual earnings by dependent workers are equal to the half of this sum. According to the sociologist Kevin Bails, the author of “New slavery in a global economy,” it is quite possible that slave labour was used for making your boots or producing the sugar that you add to the coffee. Slaves laid bricks in the wall of factory that produced your TVset. Slavery allows to reduce the cost of commodities all over the world, therefore, slavery is still actual today”.

Labour slavery is widespread all over the world, including the countries with winning democracy. Those, who has been kidnapped or immigrated illegally, usually become slaves. In 2006, the UN committee published a report titled “People trafficking: global regularities.” It says that people are sold in slavery in 127 countries of the world. A very high level of kidnapping (more than 50 thousand persons annually) is marked in 11 states, including New Guinea, Zimbabwe, China, Congo, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Lithuania, and Sudan.

In Mauritania, slavery took special – domestic – form. Here, the power belongs to the so-called white moors.

In India till today there are whole castes providing costless workers, especially children working in harmful or hazardous industries.

In the north provinces of Thailand, sailing daughters into slavery is the main source of income during centuries. “Here, – Kevin Bails writes, – a special form of Buddhism is cultivated, which considers a woman a creature of low order.

The UN and other organizations put quite a bit efforts in a fight against modern slavery, but the result is quite modest. The point is that punishment for slave-trade is nothing as compared to other heavy crimes, for example, raping. On the other hand, local authorities frequently are so interested in illegal income that they frankly patronize modern slave-holders, getting part from their super-profits.

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