Research Paper on Power Electronics

Power electronics is the area of electronics, related to transformation of electric power and commutation of power electric circuits (without depending on the parameters of electric current). Essence of power electronics is made by methods and facilities, providing the change of parameters of electric energy by means of electronic valves. A role and value of power electronics are determined by the fact that about two third of all produced electric power are consumed after transformation and regeneration (by parameters).

Also students, writing their research paper on power electronics, have to understand that in broader sense, power electronics refers to devices, providing an effective control of production, transmission and consumption (by transformation to useful energy) of electric power (range of electric indignations 102 to 107 Hz).

Power electronics includes power semiconductor devices; devices for the control and transformation of electric power in electric networks (inverter technique); electric equipment, having economically effective indexes due to passing to enhanceable frequency of electric indignations.
As logical conceptions of the complex technical systems, executed on the base of power electronics, approach them to the “thinking machines,” power electronics as scientific discipline includes, except the traditional divisions of the electrical engineering, the basics of informatics, computing engineering and management theory.

Modern power electronics has interdisciplinary character, embracing an element base: semiconductor devices (diodes, transistors, thyristors, integrated circuits), transformers of the electric power parameters (rectifiers,, transformers of frequency), electrical engineering and electromechanics systems (guided electricity cable, uninterruptible power systems, generators of the induction heating, etc.). It found confirmation in scientific and technical literature, since the books on power electronics, textbooks and scientific monographs published the last years contain chapters on semiconductor devices, inverters and electromagnetic devices, electric machines, etc. The same character is carried by scientific and technical conferences and seminars on that there are lectures practically on all disciplines of the traditional electrical engineering and electronics.

This tendency in the nearest years will render strong influence on preparation of engineers of basic electrical engineering specialities.
Figuratively speaking, power electronics are the muscles of the XXI century, complementing informative electronics, which is the intellect of the XXI century.

A role and value of power electronics are determined by the fact that about two third of all produced electric power is regenerated (by parameters) for consumption. Methods and devices, providing the change of electric power parameters make the essence of power electronics.

It also has to be mentioned that the large demand on the wares of power electronics observed during the last years in the world market (and corresponding activity in area of their developments and production) is conditioned, in particular, that power electronics makes basis for a greater part of energy-saving technologies.

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