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The existence of Moses, and also veracity of the Exodus is the reason for debates among archaeologists, egyptologists and the experts on the Bible criticism with reference to new archaeological proofs, historical certificates, and also corresponding myths of origin in a Canaanite culture. Biblical study usually date his life in XV-XIII BC, mainly binding to the Pharaohs of the XVIII and XIX dynasties: Akhenaten, Ramesses II, Merneptah.

If you are looking to prepare a successful research paper on Moses, use free sample research papers on the topic helping you understand that according to the Book of Exodus, Moses was born when his people increased in quantity and the Egyptian Pharaoh was disturbed by that they can help the enemies of Egypt. When the Pharaoh ordered to kill all new-born boys, Moses mother, Jochebed hid him in a small basket and left it flowing in the water of the Nile river. A small basket was soon found by Pharaoh’s daughter who decided to adopt the child. After a murder of Egyptian slaveholder, Moses escaped to Midiam, where he ran into God of Israel as a burning bush.

sent Moses back to Egypt, to ask for liberation of Israel. After ten executing, Moses showed Israel people out of Egypt through Yum Suph, whereupon they stayed at Sinai mount, where Moses got ten commandments. After 40 year of wandering in the desert, Moses died.

An origin of the name Moses is the matter of dispute among the experts. In Hebrew language the name “Moses” means “taken out from water” or “saved from water.” A historian Joseph Flavius asserted that the name “Moses” consisted of two Egyptian words: “water” and “saved.” Today, some scientists consider also that the name “Moses” may be of Egyptian origin and, to all appearances, means a “son.” This statement, however, is based on that the name “Moses” is sounding similarly with some Egyptian names. As nobody actually knows whether this Hebrew or Egyptian name, all these explanations remain strictly hypothetical.

The Orthodox Israelites consider that Torah was God-given to Moses on Sinai, whereupon, he, getting down and seeing that Jews worship to the gold Taurus, broke up the tables in anger. After it, Moses returned to the top of Jews and wrote to the commandment himself. However, the experts consider that this monument of the written language was written in the 5 century BC, on the basis of a few more early monuments.

There are a few versions, in relation to that, when Moses, actually, lived and when accomplished these very important for the Jewish people acts.

Hypothesis about complete fabulosity of Moses figure and the exodus of Jews from Egypt presently is not supported by most scientists and historians, although there are no proofs in historicity of Moses figure.

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