Research Proposal on Human Wildlife Conflict

Human-wildlife conflict is the conflict which occurs between the human being and the representatives of the wildlife. This type of conflict has always existed in the natural environment, because it is obvious that animals of different species treat the human being as an opponent, threat or a target for hunting. For thousands of years people were the target of predators and from their own side – they were predators for herbivorous animals. The conflicts occur even nowadays, when the human being becomes a threat to the well-being of the wild animals and vice versa. The issue can be observed from the point of view of the opposite sides – the supporters of the animal wildlife and the supporters of the anthropological activity. First of all, it is possible to observe the problem from the point of view of the human being. Many people think that the human life is much more valuable that the life of an animal but they forget that they have to appreciate the animal’s life as well.

As a result, animals are hunted and tortured for fun and the majority of animals can not protect themselves against the human threat. It is easy to understand the nature of human-wildlife conflict, because the majority of these conflicts occur because of the human activity. If the human enters the habitat of the wild animal, it becomes protecting its territory by all means causing harm to the opponent – the human being. People have to pay attention to the areas they enter; about the reduction of the wild places, forests, lands for the wildlife if they want to reduce the chance of being attacked.

The majority of human-wildlife conflicts occur because of the human poor knowledge about the habits and lifestyle of the wild animals. The student can devote a whole research paper to this matter preparing a detailed project which would contain information about the most interesting and disturbing questions about human-wildlife conflicts, their resolution and prevention. It is important to complete a logical and informative brief list of the points for the proposal, the methodology and the literature review chapters which would be used for the analysis. Finally, one should clear up the aim of the research and its relevance for the humanity.

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