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Overfishing is the practice of fishing, not providing a steady state of fish populations and entailing the depletion of fish resources. Compared to other anthropogenic impacts on marine ecosystems, such as water pollution or climate change, overfishing is by far the main cause of the massive reduction in populations of many species of fish, some of which are already on the brink of extinction.

Use free sample research papers to understand that economic reasons for overfishing include a growing demand for seafood that is associated with the growth of the world population. The fish is often seen as an alternative to meat food. High prices for certain species of fish will often lead to the fact that the owners of fishing vessels often are aimed at fishing the most valuable fish, while the rest of the fare is thrown out into the sea as a by-catch. The preservation of the large fishing fleet are often encouraged by Government subsidies.

The technological causes of overfishing are improved, in our time, the methods and techniques of fishing. Increasingly large industrial ships able to use more and more large fishnets. Digital maps, satellite navigation and 3D sonars can provide accurate fishing even in difficult underwater relief, which previously was untouched due to keeping a significant distance for safety.

The quotas for the catch of certain species existing in many countries, though are somewhat reasonable, but even more increase proportion of by-catch, since fishermen first and foremost try to use their obtained quotas.

In the third world countries, the situation is aggravated by the lack of control and a lot of poachers that ignore every rule.

Recently, there has been a considerable reduction in the populations of many of the eatable species of fish, including tuna, swordfish, and other.

In recent years, the North Atlantic fishing stocks of cod, hake, redfish and flounder has declined by 95 percent.

Often, there is lack of mature individuals, able, due to their size, to produce many eggs. Broken food chain also results in the reduction of other species. Unregulated trading and remaining outside the control of the death of young individuals, released as by-catch, carries the economic losses to the fishery in the long term, because the same individuals in the future would be of greater value. The enormous economic loss is the potential extinction of a species of fish that is fished.

There are international agreements on which there are some restrictions to catch certain types of fish. Often these restrictions, however, are not strong enough or because of inadequate control are simply not enforced. The possible technological measures include selective fishing through specialized networks, allowing to fish only certain species and substantially reducing by-catch. Another way to protect Ocean population are aquaculture, but there are problems. These include the need to catch multiple food in cases of predatory fish. The use of antibiotics is also problematic, as it could have negative consequences for individuals living in the wild.

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