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Polyamory (from Greek ????, poly, many, or several, and the Latin amor, love) is a practice, desire, or ability to multiple simultaneous love relationships, with the consent of all involved. Polyamory differs from polygamy, which is marriage between a number of parties.

Those who practice polyamory emphasize love and emotional connection to all those they are with. They look at love as a feeling that just gets stronger the more you know it, rather than have a special love relationship that is shared between two people. They believe that every relationship is different and you cannot replace someone you love just because you also start to love someone else.

In practical terms, there are countless variations, from having multiple partners or to be in relation with married couple where both have other partners to three or more people who love each other and live together.

A symbol of polyamory is a rainbow-colored Parrot, which comes from a parrot stereotypically be named Polly, which then provides a link to the LGBT community. This does not mean that all persons within the LGBT community can be seen as polyamorist.

In most cultures, it is expected that a person marries with a single partner. In cultures that deny polyamory, a marriage always indicates marital commitment. For the West, monogamy is a norm. But according to the polyamorists, man is by nature not monogamous, and he is “forced” against his nature to live in monogamous relationships. Under a layer of compliance, polyamorist nature would be urging anyway, giving the cause to infidelity. The associated pain (frustration, repression, jealousy etc.) is the price for it: (economic/legal/educational) success in society needs to be paid for. Polyamorists believe that many people in addition to their marital relationship have a second relationship, secretly or not, or that they are “serially monogamous” ones. Polyamory is trying, to reconcile nature with the culture based on openness, mutual respect and trust. But also it remains a hard nut to crack, especially if there are children in the game. Relationships with children ask lots of individual commitment (time & energy) of the partners. A second relationship is then seen as cheap or free sensed by some partners. In addition, jealousy is often because a second relationship is a test for the self-confidence of the partner. According to the polyamorists, it is unethical to cross each other’s borders within the relationship. Once the limits are there, the agreements also can be made. All the partners must keep those agreements, and they take the agreed responsibilities that go hand in hand with their relationships, it will be regarded by them as ethical form of society.

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